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We believe in a holistic view of wellbeing and center our programming on the following eight pillars of wellness: emotional, physical, social, financial, career, environmental, intellectual, and spiritual.

Emotional Wellness is how to manage stress, be resilient, and understand and regulate emotions.

For Emergencies:

  • Central Valley Suicide Prevention Hotline: 1 (888) 506-5991
  • SAMHSA’s National Helpline: 1 (800) 662-4357
  • Crisis TextLine: Text HOME to 741741

For All UCSF Fresno Employees:

Early Alert 
Sign-up to receive confidential wellness check-in text messages two times a month! Available to UCSF Fresno staff, trainees, and faculty. 

Staff Sign Up | Resident/Fellow Sign-Up | Faculty Sign-Up 

Faculty and Staff Assistance Program (FSAP)
Confidential employee assistance services provided at no cost to faculty, staff, residents, postdocs, and clinical fellows.

Faculty and Staff Assistance Program (FSAP) External Resources 
A collection of external resources on topics such as: addiction, chronic pain/illness, depression, divorce, eating disorders, etc. 

Resources to Support Your Mental Health During COVID-19 and Climate Change
A collection of resources developed and compiled by our UCSF Department of Psychiatry.

Resilience and Emotional Well-Being Video Series
Short video clips focused on ways we can protect and enhance our own emotional well-being shared by mental health experts at UCSF and around the world!

Useful Wellness & Mental Health Apps
Wellness and mental health apps you can download and start using to boost your emotional wellbeing today.

Well-Being Index for Faculty and Learners 

This online, validated self-screening tool is available for faculty and learners. This will help you better understand your overall well-being and areas of risk compared to other faculty and learners around the country. The tool is anonymous, and your scores are not shared with anyone at UCSF. 

For Residents and Fellows:

Wellness and Mental Health Services
Free mental health services at UCSF Fresno provided by a psychologist attuned to the needs of medical learners. To seek assistance 24/7 call (559) 499-6551.

Ginger-App-Based Coaching, Therapy and Psychiatry
Free, confidential on-demand coaching 24/7 via texting and 15 virtual therapy sessions per academic year. No one at UC will have knowledge you accessed this service.

Well-Being Algorithm for Trainees
Residents and Fellows:
Need help, but are unsure where to start? View this collection of resources that makes it easy to navigate. 

For urgent 24/7 mental health support, residents and fellows may call (855) 221-0598. This will link you to FSAP services. 

For Medical Students:

Wellness and Mental Health Services
Free mental health services at UCSF Fresno provided by a psychologist attuned to the needs of medical learners. To seek assistance 24/7 call (559) 499-6551.

UCSF Health and Counseling Services
A variety of mental health services for UCSF medical students. For counseling in the evenings and weekends, please call 415-476-1281.

UCSF Student Academic Affairs: Wellness Resources
A collection of wellbeing resources for medical students ranging from mindfulness activities to toolkits for managing stress and anxiety.

Physical Wellness is how to maintain and improve the functioning of your body through healthy eating, exercise, and sleep.

Exercise and Movement

CMC Fitness Center
The gym at the East Medical Plaza is available to UCSF Fresno staff, residents, fellows, and faculty. Submit the signed UCSF Gym Waiver to the front desk of CMC Fitness Center. 

Diabetes Prevention Program
A year-long lifestyle change program for eligible faculty, staff and trainees who are prediabetes or at risk of developing Type 2 diabetes. Say not me to diabetes!

UCSF Fresno Recorded Yoga Sessions
See a collection of virtual recorded yoga sessions in our Youtube channel!

Video: Yoga at Your Desk
Just over 6-minutes, a quick video of yoga exercises you can do right from your desk.

Fresno Walking Trails
Wanting a change of scenery for your walks? Find a comprehensive list of walking trails in Fresno County.

Healthy Eating

Healthy Meeting and Event Guide
Plan healthy and sustainable events and meetings and learn about guidelines for meals and snacks.


Sleep Resource Guide
Apps, fact sheets, tips, and more information on the importance of quality sleep.

Social Wellness is how to communicate, develop meaningful relationships and connections with others, and maintain a support network.

Personality Assessments
Take various personality assessments to help you figure out more about yourself and how you relate to others. 

View upcoming Wellness events on our Master Calendar.

Financial Wellness is how to effectively manage your finances and economic life.

My UC Retirement
Learn about your UC retirement plan through a wide variety of financial resources. Make sure you are on the right track for your own retirement.

Free 1-on-1 Meeting with a Local UC Planner
Connect with a UC planner around your financial and retirement related questions.
Call 800-558-9182, Monday–Friday, 5:00 a.m.–6:00 p.m. PT.

HR Benefits
Information about local benefits information can be found on the UCSF Human Resources website.

Career Wellness is how to engage in work that is meaningful to your values, goals, and lifestyle.

UCSF Connect: Network, Mentor, and Stay Connected 
The official networking platform for UCSF alumni, students, postdocs, residents, fellows, and faculty members. Connect your LinkedIn profile or use your own email! When you join, be sure to click both “UCSF Fresno” and your department under Field of Study. Learn more here. 

Organizational Consulting Services 

FSAP provides consulting services to managers and supervisors that are designed to enhance the functioning of employees in their jobs and the teams they belong to. All consultation services are free and confidential. 

Office of the Ombuds
A place to confidentially share your workplace situation with a skilled listener to help sort through your concerns. All conversations are confidential and off the record.

LinkedIn Learning
Free professional development opportunities accessible 24/7.

Virtual Meeting Wellness Guide
Tips on combatting Zoom fatigue!

Telework Guideline and Resources
Guidance and Resources for Teleworking for staff and managers.UCSF Staff Resources
A list of resources created for UCSF Staff by the Office of Diversity and Outreach.

Environmental Wellness is how to actively participate in a thriving community, culture, and environment.

Campus Ergonomics and Human Factors Resources
Learn tips to make your work station work for you!

Office and Lab Ergonomics
Make sure you are maintaining a neutral posture, check your mousing technique, and learn if you are within the safe reaching zone.

Office of Sustainability
Check our sustainability stories and our UCSF sustainability goals and resources.

Video: Ergonomic Expert Explains How to Set Up Your Desk
If you prefer hearing about how to help you set up your desk ergonomically, check out this 3-minute video.

Intellectual Wellness is how to engage your mind in creative and intellectually-stimulating ways.

TED: How Can We Keep Our Brains Healthy
A collection of videos from TED on how to keep your brain healthy.

Personality Assessments
Take various personality assessments to help you figure out more about yourself and how you relate to others. 

Spiritual Wellness is how to find meaning and purpose in life and explore what is larger than oneself.

Mid-Day Mindfulness
Weekdays, 12:00PM – 12:15PM
A moment to breathe, reflect, and ground ourselves.  No meditation experience necessary.
Offered by UCSF Department of Spiritual Care Services.

Headspace – A Mindfulness App
Interested in a free, one-month trial to Headspace? Contact Amanda at to start today!