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Family and Lactation Services

See below for a list of family services and lactation rooms available to you. For a free milk storage cooler bag, contact Amanda at For rooms requiring badge access, please send a request for access to: 


  • Room 340

Equipped with: Ameda Platinum multi-user hospital grade pump, laptop, disinfectant wipes, sound machine, refrigerator, comfortable chair, and nightstand. Running water is in-close proximity.

What to bring?

  • An Ameda Dual Hygienkit (Available for purchase here or Amazon)


  • Annex (2nd floor) – Requires door code: 9-6-3
  • TCCB (4th floor) – Badge access is required.

Equipped with: refrigerator and comfortable chair


  • Across from Room 2501/2502 (5th floor) – Badge access is required.
  • Old Concierge Office (Across from Staffing Office and & R.T. Break Room, outside the ICU staff double doors). – Badge access is required

Equipped with: comfortable seating and power outlet. Each room has two spaces separated by curtains.


  • Door 21.091A (2nd floor) – Badge access is required.

Sittercity, Back-Up Care, Nanny Placement Services, and Tutoring/Test Prep 
A variety of resources to help you find caregivers that fit your needs. Please check eligibility requirements. 

Child Care and Adult Care Resources in Fresno/Fresno County
A collection of resources within Fresno and Fresno County for child care and adult care services. 

What’s New

Pumping & Returning Workshop

Developed for UCSF employees and students, this monthly workshop will guide you through lactation topics for when you’re ready to return to campus!

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