Resident enjoying the mountains

There’s a need in the medical profession for providers to take a more active role in maintaining their physical and psychological well-being.  Physicians are often times busy tending to their patients’ wellness and may overlook their own.  As a result, they commonly experience burnout, stress and work-overload.  The experience of burnout and stress, however are not limited to physicians, and it is important for everyone within the UCSF Fresno community including our staff and health education partners to focus on their own well-being.

To address the issue, UCSF Fresno’s multidisciplinary wellness committee, LIVE (Life, Inspiration, Vitality, Engagement), aims to empower all members of our community to achieve a more balanced approach to their wellness by providing guidance, tools and support.

LIVE Committee:  The committee meets six times a year on the fourth Thursday at noon and includes faculty, residents, fellows, staff, and health education partners.  Together, we work to introduce new initiatives to the working environment that promote a greater awareness of wellness.  All members of the UCSF Fresno community are welcome to join the committee.

Wellness Activity Grants: Planning a retreat, team building exercise or other wellness activity for your program? Since 2001, the Leon S. Peters Foundation has supported UCSF Fresno with a generous annual gift that emphasizes resident, fellow and physician health and well-being. Their generosity enables us to provide funds to support activities that promote teambuilding and bonding, improve resident wellness and communication, and foster a personal-professional life balance.

Last year’s grants supported a wide variety of wellness activities including bowling, golf, a trampoline park adventure and an afternoon of chair massages for residents. Team building skills were fortified through outings to a ropes course and escape room. Several programs applied the funds toward their off-site retreat to encourage bonding and collaboration, and learn coping skills for self-care and emotional resiliency.

Apply for a Wellness Activity Grant here. The Wellness Committee will review your request and respond within one month of its receipt.

GMEC (Graduate Medical Education Committee): This committee meets six times a year on the third Tuesday at 4 PM and is a place where you can voice your concerns about broader issues within your residency or fellowship program. All trainees are welcome to attend. Program directors and faculty are present.

Resident Council: This committee meets monthly and is resident led. It is a forum to discuss and resolve issues affecting their education and welfare in a secure arena without fear of retribution. Their goal is to give residents a voice in their education, to foster camaraderie and promote resident learning and well-being while serving our community. Click here for more information or to join.