Ronnie Vasquez

Ronnie Vasquez

Finance and
Office Manager
Phone: 559-241-6545

Ronnie Vasquez

Ronnie Vasquez grew up in California’s Central Coast. She has always been surrounded by the medical field as her mother held a Director’s position at a local hospital. The exposure to the medical environment fostered a hunger to be part of that world in some capacity. Ronnie’s passion grew well into her teenage years when she discovered the local junior college would allow her to complete the certified nursing assistant program during her senior year of high school. Upon completion Ronnie entered her internship and was presented with an another amazing opportunity. Her program director and high school counselor nominated her to attend the National Youth Leadership Forum (NYLF) on Medicine. The two-week program held at Loyola University, Chicago allowed Ronnie to meet other students from around the world who were interested in the medical field, tour Northwestern University, and job shadow with physicians.

After Ronnie returned from Chicago with great experiences and new breadth of knowledge she needed to find her place in the medical field. Her work began in a doctor’s office on the Central Coast as a front office assistant and quickly moved her way up to Office Manager. There she began insurance billing, budgeting, and bookkeeping. She found great joy in this work and obtained a bachelor’s degree in Accountancy. For the next several years she continued a career in Accounting and Management.

Ronnie’s prior University of California experience includes sister campuses at Santa Cruz and Merced. She believes that the position at University California, San Francisco in Fresno at the Latino Medical Education and Research brings her back to her roots and passion for the medical field.

Activities she enjoys are reading, golfing, learning, and spending time with her family while actively seeking her Masters of Business Administration degree.                 

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