Tanjot Saini

Tanjot Saini, MD

St. George’s University School of Medicine

Tanjot Saini, MD


Fremont, California


University of California, Irvine

Medical School

St. George’s University

Hobbies, facts and interests

Enthusiastic traveler born in California with a passion for outdoors and recreational team sports. Growing up competing in various sports resulted in multiple interactions with healthcare professionals leading to a passion for physical fitness and healthcare. Medicine became a platform for me to help others maintain peak physical health and help them achieve their life goals.

Growing up in the highly diverse Bay Area exposed me to dozens of other ethnicities which stimulated interest in learning more about the history of all the other cultures around us. My goal is to visit every continent (including the penguins of Antarctica) and every US State. Thus far, I have successfully completed over 75% of this! In my free time I enjoy hanging out with friends and family, watching professional sports (Go Warriors/Raiders), and going to the beach.

Fun Facts: I don’t Netflix, and i’ve eaten more burritos than anybody you know

Why Fresno?

I chose Fresno because it is nearby to my family and friends throughout California. Fresno is ideally located halfway between my parents in Northern California, and friends in Southern California. Additionally, my significant other grew up and lives in nearby Clovis which would allow to have nearby support throughout residency. Fresno is one of the few places in America a resident can purchase a house in residency while being able to pay off your loans or create a savings. The close proximity to my network and ability to create a strong financial foundation in Fresno will allow me to become a more successful individual in the long run which made UCSF – Fresno an ideal location to do my residency in Internal Medicine.

What are your other career interests (specialties/fellowships)?

Hematology & Oncology / Hospital Management

What are your research interests?

Clinical research, immunotherapy

Education & Recognition

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