Rijesh Niraula

Rijesh Niraula, DO

Rijesh Niraula, DO

Rijesh Niraula is a Sleep Medicine Fellow at University of California, San Francisco – Fresno. He did his medical schooling at Western University of Health Sciences in Pomona, California, and then relocated to the beautiful state of Ohio to complete his residency in Family Medicine.

Dr. Niraula was born in the terrain region of the mountainous country of Nepal. He migrated to the United States while his high school and has lived most of his life in sunny Southern California. During his childhood, he enjoyed sketching and playing soccer with his friends.

His passion for medicine and patient care encompasses all ages and genders, and this is what prompted him to pursue his residency in family medicine. It was during residency that his fascination with sleep medicine grew. Sleep disorders are still relatively underdiagnosed in the general population, and the opportunity to diagnose and treat these disorders meant one could bring about significant improvement in the quality of life of many individuals.  

Dr. Niraula does have numerous hobbies he partakes in his free time. As a music lover, he likes playing his guitar and singing. He is an avid reader and writer of poetry, and loves reading books on world history and politics. He also loves driving down to SoCal to visit his family and friends on his off days.

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