Natalie Peters

Natalie Peters, MD, MPH

Medical School: Harvard University

Natalie Peters, MD, MPH


Columbia, MO


Harvard University

Medical School

Emory University

Hobbies, facts and interests

Hiking and backpacking rugged wildernesses, exploring new places, old maps, cultural anthropology, ancient history, learning to cook and bake as many things from scratch as I have time for, houseplant babies, oil painting and photography, Alfred Hitchcock films, the scent of white gardenias

Why Fresno?

The residents at UCSF Fresno captured my heart from the first Zoom social. Through hours of isolation and awkward online interviews, something about the UCSF Fresno gatherings felt real. I felt myself breathe deeply, smile big, and laugh. These were people I wanted to be around people that could keep me grounded during the tough years of residency. I wanted to train at a place committed to the uninsured and underserved serving a diverse patient population with a wide catchment area, and I wanted to be somewhere that would prepare me to practice in remote, rural locations from wilderness rescue to conflict zone refugee camps. I found all of this in Fresno: kindred spirits working in the arid Central Valley of California.

Education & Recognition

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