Minyoung Chung

Minyoung Chung, MD, MPH

Medical School: UT Health San Antonio Long School of Medicine

Minyoung Chung, MD, MPH


Frisco, TX


University of Texas at San Antonio

Medical School

UT Health San Antonio Long School of Medicine

Hobbies, facts and interests

I love being active and outdoors! Hiking, paddleboarding, yoga, camping, climbing, skiing..you name it! Music is also one of the things I cannot live without – I always have something playing on Spotify.

Why Fresno?

Aside from wanting to explore life outside of Texas, where I’ve lived since I was 5, I also fell in love with Fresno’s strong EM program. The people I met along the interview trail were awesome and all shared a passion to serve the widely underserved patient population of the Central Valley. I knew I’d find my people here – and living an hour or two from some of the most beautiful places in the country is a plus!

Education & Recognition

Medical School:
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