Matthew Woodle

Matt Woodle, MD

Medical School: Keck SOM of USC

Matt Woodle, MD


San Luis Obispo, CA


Cal Poly, SLO

Medical School

Keck SOM of USC

Hobbies, facts and interests

Love your typical EM shenanigans: climbing, backpacking, running, snowboarding, etc (although I notably don’t own a bike, sorry Dr. Glaucomflecken). I’ve also recently become a pretty avid chef (complete with mistreated sourdough starter), aspiring plant dad, and my nerdy-guilty pleasure is chess.

Why Fresno?

Love the patients, the area, and being a regional hospital. Beyond impressed with the hands-on training, passionate faculty, and the learn by doing mentality. Plus, there’s an incredible group of residents that are close knit and take advantage of the beautiful nature neighboring Fresno.


Education & Recognition

Medical School:
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