Luc-Ha Nguyen, MD

Luc-Ha Nguyen, MD

Nickname: Chelsea

Hometown: Fountain Valley, CA

Undergrad: University of Southern California

Medical School: American University of the Caribbean


Why This Program: I wanted a program that I felt was well-rounded in all aspects of training, including all age groups, inpatient and outpatient, urban and rural, opposed and unopposed. I also wanted a place where I would vibe and work well with my fellow co-residents as well as the faculty and staff. UCSF-Fresno had all of that, so I felt like this was the perfect place for me! It’s also a bonus that I get to be back in CA and that I’m only a few hours from other big cities, the great outdoors, and my family in Orange County.

Interests within Family Medicine: Full spectrum care and continuity in an outpatient setting. I also really enjoy OB and women’s health.

Hobbies and Interests:I enjoy watching movies (especially MCU and Harry Potter movies), going down YouTube rabbit holes, Disneyland, board games, spending money, eyeshadow palettes and eyeliner, karaoke, snacking, napping, not drinking coffee.

Education & Recognition

Medical School:

American University of the Caribbean School of Medicine

Board Certified:
Awards and Recognition:


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