Katherine Rodman

Katherine Rodman, MD

Medical School: Oregon Health & Science University

Katherine Rodman, MD


Portland, OR


University of Oregon

Medical School

Oregon Health & Science University

Hobbies, facts and interests

Within medicine I have interests in critical care and addiction med. Outside the hospital I can usually be found in the outdoors. I love to ski, bike and hike. My indoor hobbies include cooking with friends, reading, podcasts and baking way too many cookies.

Why Fresno?

I knew I wanted a program with a high volume ED and diverse clinical training, so Fresno was the perfect environment for me. I was also drawn to the thoughtful curriculum and elective opportunities. On interview day the residents and faculty really seemed like family, which sold me on the program. Plus the proximity to the Sierras doesn’t hurt!

Education & Recognition

Medical School:
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