Jasmine Dudanu

Jasmine Nudanu, MD

St. George’s University

Jasmine Nudanu, MD


Berkeley, CA


Syracuse University

Medical School

St. George’s University

Hobbies, facts, and interests

My family is originally from Ghana but I was born in the Bay Area, CA. I enjoy trying new restaurants and challenging myself to a variety of HIIT workouts. I love spending time with my family and friends as well as traveling when time permits. 

Why Fresno?

Originally from the Bay Area, I was interested in a program that was close to home but with some distance to allow for better focus. The Valley is an area with great medical needs and I am happy to serve in a community helping some of California’s most vulnerable patients. I take pride in aiding to bridge the health disparities gap and feel Fresno is a great place to do so. 

What are your other career interests (specialties/fellowships)?

I am open to various medical fields, but hematology-oncology is a field that I have been passionate about since a young age. I have also recently grown to enjoy GI and other fields. 

What are your research interests?

Barriers to cancer diagnosis and treatment in underserved populations. 


Education & Recognition

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