Gayle Kouklis, MD

Gayle Kouklis, MD

Medical School: University of Cincinnati

Gayle Kouklis, MD


Placerville, CA


UC Santa Cruz

Medical School

University of Cincinnati

Hobbies, fun facts and interests 

I enjoy trail running, climbing rocks (both manmade and terrestrial), eating (mostly tacos), submerging in alpine lakes, noodling around with various stringed instruments, x-treme hammocking, coffee, cameras with waist-level finders, doing yoga in a roomful of plants, reading ManRepeller, dancing wildly at concerts, sitting in trees, Oxford commas, and defending my tomato plants against the evil tomato hornworm.

Jeffery pines smell like butterscotch

Wilderness medicine, climate change as it relates both to my beloved trees and to human health, pre-hospital care, venomous snakes, and poisonous plants

Why Fresno? 

UCSF Fresno and CRMC provide care for a huge catchment area, one which is generally underserved with high rates of poverty and many barriers to health care, and when those patients do finally get a foot in the door, they are often very sick.  I greatly appreciate being able to help these people and everyone else.  There are also many great opportunities for wilderness and pre-hospital medicine with the Parkmedic program.  The faculty are all very supportive of the residents and the affiliation with UCSF offers many academic opportunities.  Finally, tacos.


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