Caitlin Roake

Caitlin Roake MD, PhD

Medical School: Stanford University

Caitlin Roake MD, PhD


San Carlos, CA


Stanford University

Medical School

Stanford University

Hobbies, facts and interests

I grew up in Northern California and have lived in the SF bay area and the Eastern Sierra but this is my first time residing in the Central Valley. I went to college at Stanford University and majored in biology. After graduating I went with the Peace Corps to the southern African country of Namibia where I taught high school math and science for two years. Returning to California, I did my MD-PhD combined degree at Stanford studying molecular mechanisms underlying cancer and degenerative disease. I love molecular biology, biochemistry, and science communication. I like to spend my free time in the mountains running, climbing, and skiing.

Why Fresno?

Great training with the smart and friendly folks at UCSF Fresno, learning how to practice in the diverse and under-resourced California Central Valley, and proximity to the best mountain range in the world!

Education & Recognition

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