Brandon Liang

Brandon Liang, MD

Georgetown University School of Medicine

Brandon Liang, MD


Sunnyvale, CA


UC Berkeley

Medical School

Georgetown University

Hobbies, facts and interests

Prior to pursuing medicine, I started my career in vaccine research in the biotech industry. I found this work somewhat fulfilling, but craved the human connection found in medicine. I am a huge Bay Area sports fan and passionately root for the Oakland A’s, SF Niners, Golden State Warriors, and the SJ Sharks. I enjoy hanging out with my dog, outdoor activities of all kids, board games, any sort of trivia competition, and generally just relaxing by catching up on my favorite shows and sporting events. I also enjoy eating very much.

Why Fresno?

The people. I was able to gain a quick sense of the tight-knit community at UCSF Fresno, which felt unique to any place that I had been. It is not hard to appreciate the excellent clinical experiences and caring support that Fresno has to offer. The low-cost of living, close proximity to wide range of scenery, and open spaces in Fresno was a very attractive selling point as well.

Education & Recognition

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