Amanda Panh

Amanda Panh

Student Medical Director

Amanda Panh

Title: Student Medical Director
Hometown:  Stockton, CA
College:  University of the Pacific
In a few sentences, what you do and what do you aspire to accomplish in the future?

Amanda Panh is a third-year medical student from UC Davis and is also part of the San Joaquin Valley Prime track program. She was born and raised in the Central Valley and has always aspired to be a future physician who will one day serve the community that raised her. During college, she volunteered at the St. Mary’s Interfaith Clinic, a nonprofit clinic for the homeless and uninsured in downtown Stockton. Through these experiences, she realized the lack of healthcare and financial resources for certain disadvantaged populations. To help alleviate these issues, she has volunteered to become the next student medical director for the Mobile Heal Clinic to continue to serve those underserved populations by providing free healthcare services and resources to those in need.

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