Jessica Mason, MD

Jessica Mason, MD

Jessica Mason is a graduate of the fellowship program and now the fellowship director. She is the recipient of the California ACEP Education Award, the UCSF Fresno Medical Student Faculty Teacher of the Year Award, and the UCSF Fresno Faculty Mentor of the Year Award.

She has multiple leadership roles at EM:RAP, including:

  • Managing Editor of Continuous Core Content (C3) – a podcast covering the most common and deadly ED presentations.
  • Managing Editor of EM:RAP-HD – where all the procedural and education videos are hosted.
  • Managing Editor of Crunch Time – E:MRAP’s audio board review course.
  • Deputy Editor of EM:RAP – producing regular segments for the monthly EM:RAP podcast.

Outside of EM:RAP, Dr. Mason is also the Education Conference Chair of California ACEP and plans the annual AdvancED conference. She has over 20 publications.