residency program.

UCSF Fresno Surgery Residency

Mission Statement

UCSF Fresno Surgery maintains 24/7 access to excellent surgical care for all-comers in the Central Valley. We are a safety net hospital that rigorously maintains surgical standards of care while utilizing the most current technical advancements. The unique blend of the urban and rural communities we serve allows us to emphasize care of the whole patient in a multidisciplinary setting. In addition, we are able to bring a robust university affiliation and provide excellent surgical education to the next generation of surgeons, many of whom recognize our unique community and choose to stay in the Central Valley. We stress competence in operative technique, decision-making, and life-long learning in order to ensure that our graduates are competent and confident; whether it is to enter practice or the fellowship of their choice.


Message from the Chairman

Welcome to the UCSF Fresno Department of Surgery.

Since 1975, the Department of Surgery has expanded and continued to provide excellence in clinical care to the Central San Joaquin Valley.

The UCSF Fresno Surgery Residency Program is simply the best at what we do: provide outstanding, broad-based, clinical general surgery education. With this mission in mind, we have faculty that are dedicated to providing the highest quality of care possible and fully engaged in resident education. From day one to graduation as chief residents, you will have one-on-one faculty mentoring and a wealth of clinical opportunities with graduated responsibilities each year of your training.

We graduate five chief residents per year and our graduates have gone on to successful careers in private practice as well as matched in competitive fellowships such as Plastic, Vascular, Critical Care, and Minimally Invasive Surgery. You will receive exposure to and training in all major subspecialties of general surgery, especially Trauma, Acute care, Critical care, Oncology, Burn, Plastic, and Vascular surgery. Our residents also rotate through other departments for a well-rounded experience.

The Central San Joaquin Valley is an amazing place to live and train. Most importantly, the patient population is quite unique, and since this is an under-insured and underserved population, you will get tremendous experience with patient care and will take care of unique pathologies.

For those that are interested in fellowship training here at UCSF Fresno, a one-year Surgical Critical Care Fellowship with additional experience in trauma and a two-year Acute Care Surgery Fellowship is available for residents who seek board certification in Surgical Critical Care and Acute Care following their general surgery through the NRMP match. A one-year MIS Fellowship is also available through the Fellowship Council match.

Challenges to healthcare remains but the future is bright here at the UCSF Fresno Department of Surgery and our commitment to excellence in patient care and to training future surgeons will remain strong in order to meet these challenges.


James W. Davis, MD, FACS

2016- 2017 UCSF Fresno Surgery Residency Program