UCSF Fresno Surgery Residency

Mission Statement

UCSF Fresno Surgery maintains 24/7 access to excellent surgical care for all-comers in the Central Valley. We are a safety net hospital that rigorously maintains surgical standards of care while utilizing the most current technical advancements. The unique blend of the urban and rural communities we serve allows us to emphasize care of the whole patient in a multidisciplinary setting. In addition, we are able to bring a robust university affiliation and provide excellent surgical education to the next generation of surgeons, many of whom recognize our unique community and choose to stay in the Central Valley. We stress competence in operative technique, decision-making, and life-long learning in order to ensure that our graduates are competent and confident; whether it is to enter practice or the fellowship of their choice.


2018- 2019 UCSF Fresno Surgery Residency Program

Department of Surgery group, 2019

Message from the chairman

James W. Davis, MD, FACS

Since 1975, the Department of Surgery has expanded and continued to provide excellence in clinical care to the Central San Joaquin Valley.

Program Director Message

Jim Davis

Mary Wolfe, MD, FACS

Program Director

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