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Jim Davis

Lynn Keenan, MD

Program Director

UCSF Diversity

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Conferences are held at the UCSF Fresno. All fellows are required to attend 80% of all conferences.

Sleep Medicine Lectures (Monday, 12:15pm)
Internal Medicine Grand Rounds (Tuesday, 8am)
Chest Clinical Conference (Thursday, 7:30am)

Sleep Medicine Lectures Topics

  1. Orientation to sleep fellowship/overview of sleep disorders
  2. Sleep history taking and examination
  3. Overview of insomnia
  4. Overview of obstructive sleep apnea
  5. Diagnostic tools for sleep disorders
  6. Normal Sleep
  7. Pediatric sleep
  8. Scoring Sleep Stages
  9. Scoring Respiratory Events
  10. RLS
  11. Narcolepsy
  12. Circadian rhythms
  13. Scoring of movement and arousals
  14. Overview of treatment for sleep apnea
  15. Principles of recording bioelectric signals/PSG, Pt 1
  16. Principles of recording bioelectric signals/troubleshooting
  17. Basic neurobiology of sleep and wakefulness
  18. Respiratory physiology/pathophysiology r/t sleep
  19. Sleep deprivation and fatigue management
  20. Research overview
  21. Central sleep apnea
  22. Insomnia
  23. Sleep Dentistry
  24. Narcolepsy and other disorders of excessive sleepiness
  25. Surgical interventions for sleep apnea
  26. Neonatal and Pediatric Sleep Disorders
  27. Effect of Medication on Sleep
  28. Circadian rhythm disorders
  29. Neurological and movement d/o and sleep
  30. Sleep disorders in neuromuscular disease
  31. Restless legs syndrome
  32. Chronobiology
  33. GI physiology and pathophysiology r/t sleep
  34. Parasomnias
  35. Interaction between psychiatric disorders and sleep disorders
  36. Sleep and Women’s Health
  37. Endocrine physiology/pathology r/t sleep
  38. Effect of Sleep Disorders on Cardiovascular Disease
  39. Impact of sleep disorders on the bed partner, family and society
  40. Research, QI presentations
  41. Financing and regulation of sleep medicine