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Michael W. Peterson, MD, MACP

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Eyad Almasri, MD

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Student Research Visitors


Thank you for your interest in UCSF Fresno. Out of an abundance of caution to prevent the possible spread of COVID-19, we have limited activities that are non-essential to our teaching program and/or patient care.

As a result, the Student Research Visitor program at UCSF Fresno is restricted to currently enrolled university students at UCSF, UC Merced, and CSU Fresno. This is one of several measures we have implemented to protect public health and the health of our faculty, trainees, and staff.

We will re-evaluate the program in the Fall of 2022

The Student Research Visitors program provides an opportunity for currently enrolled university students, or person on leave from an academic appointment other employment; to visit UCSF Fresno to participate in a short-term educational, research, or academic project under the supervision of a UCSF Fresno faculty member.  You may work closely with a faculty member on the project, but do not have patient contact.

In order to be considered as a Research Visitors for our institution, one of the below applications must be returned to our Visitor/Volunteer coordinator along with your CV/resume and evidence of student enrollment.

The Visitor/Volunteer Coordinator will reach out to you directly when a position becomes open and will guide you through the next steps of the process. We are very fortunate to have a great deal of community interest in volunteering and this interest often exceeds our available positions, though new opportunities are always arising.

Please see the following requirements & important information:

  1. Your application does not guarantee placement with a mentor/project, but it does guarantee you will be placed on a list of prospective research visitors accessible by all UCSF Fresno faculty for at least one year.
  2. Once selected, prospective research visitors are required to complete the appropriate paperwork (provided upon selection), as well as comply with the following:
    • Evidence of immunizations:
      • COVID 19 and booster.
      • Recent (within 1 year) TB test
      • Current seasonal flu shot
      • MMR-Rubeola, Mumps, Rubella-2 vaccines, OR serological testing to demonstrate immunity or signed declination
      • Varicella – 2 vaccines OR serological testing to demonstrate immunity or signed declination
      • Hepatitis B – Documentation of immunization (series of 3 doses) OR Documentation of titer OR Signed declination
      • Pertussis – Vaccination or signed declination
    • Verification of Financial Self-Support
    • Proof of Health Insurance
    • Pass a background check – ($35 to be paid by applicant)
    • Take/attend CITI, HIPAA, Safety, IT Security, and COVID prevention trainings prior to start date
    • Complete and pass EPIC training modules.
  3. Failure to complete any step of the above results in immediate disqualification from conducting research with UCSF Fresno.
  4. Research Visitors must commit to at least 6 – 8 weeks of work on a research project unless prior arrangements are made between the Research Visitors and faculty mentor.
  5. Research Visitors must follow the provided dress code.
  6. Research Visitors must not have clinical observerships/shadowing within their research time.
  7. Research Visitors are provided a badge and if applicable, appropriate accesses.
  8. Faculty are not limited to one Research Visitor at a time.
  9. Individuals without a social security number cannot participate in research. No exceptions.
  10. Research Visitors are only university student currently enrolled at a home institution or other entity, or persons on leave from an academic appointment, or other employment.
  11. Research Visitors must be aged 16 or older.
  12. Please be aware that it can take up to 6 weeks to clear a Research Visitor once all paperwork is received, so allow for plenty of time.


STUDENT at UC San Francisco OR UC Merced


If you have additional questions regarding volunteer opportunities, please email