Associate Dean for Research

Michael W. Peterson, MD, MACP

Michael W. Peterson, MD, MACP

UCSF Fresno Associate Dean for Undergraduate Medical Education and Research

Y. Frank and Roxie Moradian Chair in Medicine

UCSF Professor of Medicine

Assistant Dean For Research

Eyad Almasri, MD

Eyad Almasri, MD

Assistant Dean for Research, UCSF Fresno

UCSF Associate Clinical Professor, UCSF Fresno Department of Internal Medicine

Pulmonary Critical Care

Sleep Medicine

Research By Department

UCSF Diversity

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Contracts and Grants

The following departments will assist you with the specific categories of grants and contracts:


  • Research Management Services: Primarily grants from federal and non-profit sponsors, UC Program, and incoming subcontracts from other institutions: contact Sharon Hutchinson, at or 559-499-6414;
  • UCSF Fresno Clinical Research Center:  For-profit companies/industry sponsored clinical trials (pharmaceutical or device), please contact Christine Banda at or 559-499-6639;
  • UCSF Government and Business Contracts:  Contracts with federal, state, local agencies (school districts or government bodies) and international sponsors, contact:

AWARD PROCESS:  Each department listed above will guide you through the award process for your project.  Terms and conditions of the grant or contract must be negotiated and signed by an officer of the university (including Confidentiality Disclosure Agreements); the faculty member may be asked to sign as a party to the contract.  The contract is between The Regents of the University of California San Francisco and the sponsor.  “Fresno” is a department of the UCSF School of Medicine and not a legal entity. All contracts and grants that have human subjects involvement must have IRB approval prior to award execution; the principal investigator and co-investigators must provide information to the UCSF Conflict of Interest office.
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