Physician Wellness

Welcome to UCSF Fresno’s Wellness Homepage.

There’s a need in the medical profession for providers to take a more active role in maintaining their physical and psychological wellbeing. Physicians are often times busy tending to their patients’ wellness and may overlook their own. As a result, they commonly experience burnout, stress and work-overload. To address this issue within our community, Dr.Weichenthal established a multidisciplinary Wellness Committee within the UCSF Fresno community that aims to empower providers with the guidance, tools, and support they need to achieve a more balanced approach to their wellness.

We’ve assembled a collection of wellness resources for you, including:

  • Self-assessments that will help you identify any opportunities for improvement
  • Powerpoint presentations to help educate you about physician wellness
  • Articles and research that highlight the importance of maintaining your wellness
  • A calendar of wellness activities that promote a sense of community amongst your fellow physicians and offer you a variety of events to choose from

We’ve also organized the resources already in place to support you in times of need, including:

UCSF Fresno’s Well-Being Committee: for residents who are struggling with personal, professional, or emotional issues and are seeking one-on-one support in a confidential setting. The committee can work with your department to set aside protected time for well-being. You can contact any of the following committee members directly or go through your department’s leadership.
o Dr. Campbell (Committee Chair, and Psychiatry Program Director):(559) 499-6580;
o Dr. Guzzetta (Addiction Specialist): (559) 323-4495;
o Dr. Weichenthal (Emergency Medicine, Assistant Program Director): (559)-960-8590.;
o Dr. Thao (Psychiatrist VACCHCS): (559) 392-9381;

INSIGHT: a third-party organization that has contracted with UCSF Fresno to provide all physicians with referrals to specialized support in a variety of areas (counseling, legal, etc.) . Click here for information.

GMEC (Graduate Medical Education Committee): hosts a monthly meeting where you can voice your concerns about broader issues within your residency program. All residents are welcome to attend. Program directors and faculty are present.

Wellness Activity Grants:  Planning a retreat, team building exercise or other wellness activity for your program?  There are funds through the Wellness Committee, thanks to the Peterson Foundation, to help support these activities.  Please fill out this form and submit to   The Wellness Committee will review your request and respond to it within one month of receiving it.

Resident Council: a committee that meets monthly where residents hold a forum to discuss and resolve issues affecting their education and welfare in a secure arena without fear of retribution. Their goal is to give residents a voice in their education, to foster camaraderie and promote resident learning and well being while serving our community.

You can also find us online through Google+ so please feel free to join our community page and start connecting with your UCSF Fresno Community here.

Confidential Wellness Check-in: one-on-one wellness check ins with Dr. Liao are available to all learners.  Although Dr. Liao’s primary role is to help oversee the student wellbeing and wellness program, she also works with residents and fellows individually and facilitate workshops for learners at all levels of training.  Below is a short biography describing Betty’s background and interests. You may contact her via email or at 559-499-6689.

Betty Liao

Betty, Liao, Ph.D.

UME Psychologist
(559) 499-6689


This past winter, the National Academy of Medicine put out a nationwide call for artists of all skills and abilities to submit artwork that expresses how clinicians, their loved ones, patients, and organizations experience and are affected by clinician burnout and well-being. Artists were asked to answer the question: What does clinician well-being look, feel, and sound like to you? Over 350 people responded. 

We are thrilled to share 100 of these pieces with you through our permanent digital gallery, which aims to promote greater awareness and understanding of barriers to clinician well-being and to highlight potential solutions to protect and promote the well-being of clinicians of all kinds, including doctors, nurses, pharmacists, dentists, and others. Click here to view the online gallery

Clinician Well-Being and Knowledge Hub

Sharing Knowledge to Combat Clinician Burnout

Click here to find articles, research studies, and other resources


Take a look at our Wellness Event Calendar and find your next wellness activity. We are actively seeking residents, fellows, and faculty to host events. If you have an idea for an activity, please contact us to have it added​

The ACGME has a web page dedicated to physician wellness.  It has many resources including webinars, videos, tool kits and links to the most current research on physician wellness.  To access this rich collection, go to:​.

The AMA also has a web page dedicated to physician wellness that has four physician wellness modules (cme is available).  To access these modules, go to:​.  

The AMA also has a free  ten question screening tool for burnout that will give you immediate feedback about how you compare to colleagues in your professional and geographic region.  To access this screen tool, go to:

 Screening for Mental Health offers free anonymous screening for problems such as depression, anxiety and post traumatic stress disorder.  To access these free surveys go to:

Stay tuned as there are more ideas continuously being developed. We aim to make this Wellness Homepage a living document so if you have ideas, resources, links, papers, etc. that you’d like to share, please feel free to reach out to the us at: