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Our Community Pediatrics & training is integrated into all 3 years of training. It provides a chance to experience aspects of pediatrics that go beyond the clinic and hospital setting, in order to deeply root practice into the community environment. The reality today is that the major threats to the health of children arise from problems that cannot be addressed adequately by the pediatrician alone in a practice setting (AAP Policy Statement, 2005).
Residents get the chance to work alongside physicians, other health professionals, and organizations in the community so as to be able to develop the knowledge and skills needed to promote the physical, mental, and social health and well-being of children in communities as a whole.

Experiences range from

  • Windshield Surveys
  • Home Visits
  • Learning in community clinics
  • Partnering with local schools
  • Mentoring junior high, high school students, undergraduate students in a health professions pipeline program for students from traditionally underrepresented minorities and disadvantaged backgrounds
  • Partnering with community organizations
  • Working with legislators
  • Advocacy training with AAP-CA

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Current and past resident projects include

  • Dance with Your Doctor! Determining the effect of dance (as a form of fun, universally available exercise) on exercise habits and attitudes of elementary school children through engagement of dance exercise participation and parent-child surveys.
  • Evaluating sexual health knowledge in a high risk group of high school students, to see if they would benefit from a sexual health education curriculum.
  • Child Maltreatment Prevention Symposium – Visiting Professorship with keynote speaker Astrid Heger from USC.
  • Assessing Patient, Family, and Provider Readiness to Transitioning Adolescents to Adult-Oriented Health Care from Pediatric to Family Medicine Resident Clinics.
  • The Best of Both Worlds Project! Combining Early Literacy with Community Health. Community volunteers will read books to young children to promote both a love of books and healthy lifestyles.
  • Creation and participation in the Central Valley Concussion Consortium.
  • Participation in AAP-CA / California Medical Association Legislative Day, AAP Legislative Training in Washington D.C.

Interdepartmental Collaboration

  • Intern Boot Camp: A highlight of orientation where all the residency programs have their interns gather to sharpen their skills prior to starting their new careers as physicians
    • here’s a news story on it
  • Primary Care Scavenger Hunt: a fun event for all those who will practice primary care at the Ambulatory Care Center. This friendly competition familiarizes the new residents with the resources available at their clinic.
  • Residency Council: consists of multiple representatives from each residency who collaborate on activities that center on wellness and wellbeing. Events include intramural sports, tickets to special holiday events in the city, discounted sporting events and more!

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We emphasize academic excellence in a supportive family environment that encourages personal growth and diverse clinical experiences.

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