Training Modules


Please review the following UCSF Fresno modules below and take the corresponding quizzes by the May 4th deadline. Your successful completion of each quiz will automatically be recorded electronically for our records.

HR Overview & Quiz:  You will receive an email from MedHub regarding a learning module being delivered to your MedHub profile. Although the email prompts you to login to MedHub to access the module, you will be unable to do so through the link since you don’t have full access to MedHub yet. Instead, you should access the HR Overview & Quiz module through your onboarding package. You will only be able to access your onboarding package through the link in your welcome email from MedHub.  In your MedHub package, click on ‘Complete Module” for the HR Overview & Quiz. You will then be taken to a page with the HR Overview Slideshow, which you must review first.  After you review it, the Human Resources Overview Quiz will be available for you to complete.

HR Overview

Legal Medicine


You should expect to receive an email from a CRMC representative with instructions regarding completion of HLCs/eLearnings, which must be completed by the May 31st deadline.