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Jim Davis

Kenny Banh, MD, FACEP

Assistant Dean of Undergraduate Medical Education & Student Services

We welcome the interest of medical students in our UCSF Fresno Undergraduate Medical Education Program.

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Visiting Student Requirements

Welcome to UCSF Fresno! As you embark on your final year of medical school, we hope that you will take this opportunity to consider UCSF Fresno’s fourth year elective program. UCSF Fresno invites students who are in good academic standing at an accredited medical school to participate in this exciting program.

Please note: UCSF Fresno utilizes both a Fresno Electronic Application and VSAS (Visiting Student Application Service) to receive visiting student applications. All students (except 3rd Yr. UCSF students) attending an LCME accredited or AOA accredited medical school will submit applications through VSAS—if your school utilizes VSAS. If your school does not use VSAS, please use the Fresno application (link provided below).

An approved affiliation agreement must be on file for UCSF Fresno and student’s home school. Agreements are good for 5 years. Attached is a list of current medical schools that have approved agreements on file with UCSF Fresno. If your home school is NOT listed, please download the AAMC Approved Agreement AND the UCSF Fresno Implementation Letter and submit to your home school. The signed document can be returned to the UME Office for completion at

UCSF Fresno Approved List of Affiliated Medical Schools
AAMC Uniform Clinical Affiliation Agreement – download and forward to home school
UCSF Fresno SOM Implementation Letter – download and forward to home school for signature (word document)

VSAS Visiting Medical Students: To search Fresno electives on VSAS, first select UCSF and then select “Fresno” as the campus (see PDF below). Submit on-line through the Association of American Medical Colleges (AAMC) Visiting Student Application Service (VSAS), You will receive notification from UCSF Fresno to submit the supplemental application. VSAS students must complete Fresno’s supplemental application to request Housing and answer additional questions: 2)

How to search for UCSF Fresno on VSAS

Fresno Application (electronic): If your school does not utilize VSAS, please apply for electives using the Fresno electronic application: Only students from LCME or AOA accredited medical schools or those given special permission may apply. (Step 1)

International/Non-LCME Schools (offshore): Please click here for policy information.

Physician Assistant and Nurse Practitioner Students: Please click here for policy information.

Returning Students: students returning to UCSF Fresno may apply for additional electives anytime by completing Step 2 at the Fresno Application link: The system will recognize your unique ID for faster processing. Any outdated or expired documents will be requested. All fees apply.

UCSF Students: If you are interested in taking an elective at Fresno, you must apply directly through Fresno. A list of the Fresno elective clerkships is available here:

UCSF student Instructions for setting up a Fresno elective:

Apply to UCSF Fresno using the online application:
Once you have been confirmed for an elective, forward the confirmation email to Wenia Lee at UCSF so she can add it to your schedule. This step is important because Wenia is not automatically notified.
Please note that housing is not guaranteed or automatically assigned for fourth year rotations. Please inquire about housing at:

Cancellations/Refunds: Please scroll down to review the cancellation and refund policies.

Attendance Policy:  Please discuss requests for time off with the clerkship director or site coordinator of the clinical department where you are rotating.  Ordinarily no more than one (1) excused absence is allowed in 4 weeks.  During interview season, students will be allowed 1 day per 2 weeks during the elective rotation for interviews.


The following requirements are applicable to all students whether applying
in VSAS or the electronic Fresno Application.



Application Processing Time: all students are given an initial 45 days to complete the entire application process unless a shorter timeframe is approved based on the start date of the rotation. The UME office will notify all students via email about the processing time. Due to the high volume of applications, it is important that all students adhere to the timelines and payment of fees. VSAS students must accept final offers within 1 week and submit fees per the deadlines.

Health Insurance: Students are required to maintain health coverage from their primary school or it must be obtained within 5 days of arriving in Fresno. Proof of insurance coverage may be required from any student not covered by their home school. UCSF Fresno will accept and process authorization through VSAS.

Immunizations: Students will be asked to submit documentation of immunization status – including current TB documentation. VSAS applicants must have the completed UCSF immunization form uploaded into VSAS.

Malpractice Insurance: Students must provide proof of malpractice coverage with the home school (exceptions for summer program enrollment will be considered). Minimum coverage is $1,000,000 per incident / $3,000,000 aggregate. UCSF Fresno will verify malpractice insurance through VSAS and the minimum coverage limits will apply for all applicants including VSAS.

Board Scores and Transcripts: Please see specific requirements for each department listed below. Submit all documents directly to the clinical department. This should be done prior to initiating the online application/capturing tentative rotation dates.

EM Applicants: Please submit a copy of medical school transcripts and USMLE board scores directly to the EM program. Transcripts and board scores can be submitted via fax to (559) 499-6441 (attn: Marie Martinez) or email to The EM program can be reached at (559) 499-6647.

FM Applicants: Please ensure that your VSAS/VSLO file is current and that the following documents are uploaded for review by the FCM coordinator:  CVUSMLE or COMLEX score report and Letter of Interest in FCM.  The contact for FCM is Trina Hughes at  FCM Program can be reached at (559) 499-6624

IM, Dermatology, & Neurology Applicants: Please submit a copy of medical school transcripts and USMLE board scores, CV, personal statement, including a brief summary of your interest in the program and Central Valley ties along with your VSAS elective applications. Questions can be submitted via email to Christina Soto at  The IM program can be reached at (559) 499-6490

OB/GYN Applicants: Please submit a copy of medical school transcripts, CV, USMLE or COMLEX board scores, and desired rotation dates directly to the OB/GYN program. Please also submit a brief summary explaining your interest in the program to Jeanette Naranjo at or by fax (559) 499-6541. The OB/GYN program can be reached at (559) 499-6540.

Orthopedic Surgery Applicants: Please submit a copy of your USMLE or COMLEX board scores. If already uploaded to VSAS, please let coordinator know. Send to Andrew Ranta at

PEDS Applicants: Please submit a CV and copy of medical school transcripts directly to the PEDS program or be sure to upload in VSAS. Transcripts and CV can be submitted via email to or fax to (559) 499-6561 (attn: Tiffany Tarvin). Email is preferred. The PEDS program can be reached at (559) 499-6560

PSYCH Applicants: The Psychiatry program can typically accept only 1-4 elective students each year. Before you apply, you must reach out to our coordinator at and send two items: (1) your CV; and (2) a personal statement that describes your Valley ties and your desire to practice in the Valley. Only students who have sent these items before applying will be considered for an elective.

SURGERY Applicants:  Please submit a copy of medical school transcript, USMLE board scores and CV through VSAS/VSLO.  Email Marie DiStefano at for availability.  The surgery program can be reached at 559-459-4090. UiM grants available to applicants.  Click here for flyer and review information.

VA Hospital: Students completing elective rotations at the VA Hospital (LIFE Program, Dermatology and Endocrinology) must complete a series of forms and fingerprinting as mandated by the government. Students will be notified via email approximately 4 to 6 weeks in advance in order to complete the VA paperwork. Please review this section on VA requirements. All VA forms may be submitted after the application process has begun. (Click here for the VA Hospital requirements page)

Underrepresented in Medicine UiM Grant Available

Amounts:  Up to $2,000 per student

Awards:  From 2-4 student scholarships per clinical program (please inquire with coordinators)

Grant Covers:  travel cost, housing, application fee and tuition fee (if applicable) at UCSF Fresno

This grant is intended to provide unique opportunities and support for minoritized medical students who wish to complete a month-long sub-internship/elective rotation.  To be eligible for this grant, you must be entering your final year of medical school and planning to complete a rotation at UCSF Fresno. You must meet all course pre-requisites as outlined on our websites and within the Visiting Student Learning Portal (VSAS). You must identify as part of a group underrepresented in medicine. We are open to considering many forms of UiM, including LGBTQ+ persons as well as, in the AAMC’s words, “those racial and ethnic populations that are underrepresented in the medical profession relative to their numbers in the general population.”

Approximately 2-4 individual grants will be awarded per each clinical program.  Awards will be contingent upon acceptance to UCSF Fresno and approval of your rotation.  All students must submit a grant application for consideration at the time they apply for a rotation and do not submit rotation fees if you have applied.  If grant is provided the Undergraduate Medical Education Office will coordinate funding with individual student applicants. 

Application will be provided to student by sponsoring clinical department upon acceptance to rotation



UCSF Fresno Medical Education Program welcomes eligible fourth year visiting medical students from all U.S. accredited institutions for a wide variety of electives. A fee is charged for the application processing and program tuition. UCSF Fresno charges according to institutional reciprocity (i.e., whether the application is from a student attending a medical school where there are also opportunities for UC students to pursue elective opportunities). In addition, each clinic program accepts applications based on capacity to accommodate visiting student.

  1. Elective Application and Tuition Fees:
    Elective Fees: All visiting students (except UCSF & SJV PRIME students) are subject to an elective application fee of $300 and some students will pay additional tuition of $740. Please refer to the attached list of schools whose students will be charged the reduced fee of $300 only. If your school is not listed, you must pay the additional tuition of $740 due 30 days prior to rotation. UCSF Fresno Accepts the following forms of payment
    All major credit cards are accepted through our secure portal.
    Check or money order payable to UC Regents and mailed to the address below

Application Processing Fee $300– All visiting students due at the time of application or for VSAS upon acceptance of the offer. The fee of $300 is for each 2 or 4 week rotation per student.

Tuition Fee $740 (4 week) or $220 (2 week) – The tuition fee will be due 30 days prior to rotation. If student’s home school is to pay the tuition fee, please inform the UME staff at

See list of schools excluded from tuition here

Housing Fees: The cost for housing is $450 per 4 week block. Housing fees are due at the time of application to secure your housing spot. Please submit housing request to UCSF Fresno Accepts the following forms of payment
All major credit cards are accepted through our secure portal.
Check or money orders are also accepted

Special requests for single room housing arrangements may be accommodated at a higher housing rate. If space is available, a student may request single room occupancy through the UME office and rates will be discussed at the time of the request. The current rate for single room is $650 per 4 week timeframe. For paying students only, email or call (559) 499-6519 to inquire about special housing/room a rrangements.If housing is not available in our student apartments, the UME program will provide a list of alternate housing sites. Students are responsible for making alternate housing arrangements and covering all costs.

Online Payments:
The secure online payment link will be provided by a UCSF Fresno coordinator upon department approval of the rotation(s).

Make check payable to UC Regents and mail to the following address;
Undergraduate Medical Education Office UCSF Fresno
155 North Fresno Street, Suite 251
Fresno, CA 93701

International/Offshore Students: Please click here for policy information.

Cancellation Policy:

Students must notify the appropriate clinical department of any cancellation. Students should also notify the Undergraduate Medical Education Office by phone (559) 499-6523 or email to notify of cancelled rotation(s).

Housing Cancellation: A four-week cancellation notice is required for a refund. Refunds are not automatically approved or processed. Students must request a refund in writing via email and provide a current mailing address. Please allow 4 to 6 weeks to process the refund if approved.

Application Fee Refund: Application processing fees are non-refundable if student cancels the elective application. In the event the elective is cancelled or not accepted by the clinical department after student is approved and has paid, a partial refund of the enrollment fee may be granted at the discretion of the UME office. All refund requests must be in writing.

Welcome Orientation:

All first-time visiting students must complete an orientation on day one with the Undergraduate Medical Education Office. Returning students will not need to repeat orientation but may be required to “check in” with UME office to get ID badge, updated computer codes, pager or parking pass. All students will be notified via email regarding orientation requirements. This email will also include information on where to pick up housing keys and where to report on the first day.