Medical Student Orientation to Fresno

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Welcome to UCSF Fresno Undergraduate Medical Education.  All students and allied health professionals approved for rotations will participate in general orientation and epic training on the first day.  Subsequent rotations do not require orientation or training.  Thank you for choosing UCSF Fresno Regional Campus and we hope that your educational experiences is both enjoyable and rewarding.

General Undergraduate Orientation
Agenda_UME General Orientation
UME Orientation Outline_Day One
UCSF Fresno Regional Campus
Computer Access Points at UCSF Fresno

Student Housing
Link to Student Housing
Essential Housing Information

Community Regional Medical Center (CRMC/CMC) Policies
CMC Password Authentication Process [PDF]
CMC Parking/Campus Map [PDF]
Basic Fire and Safety Codes [PDF]
CMC Infection Control Process[PDF]
CMC First Floor Map (Student/Sierra Lounge) [PDF]
CRMC Dictation Card [PDF] & Guidelines [PDF]
Blood/Body Fluid Exposure [PDF]
Roster of Primary Care Physicians [PDF]
CRMC Fitness Center

Other Resources
Student Info Pocket Card [PDF]
Fresno Recreation and Resources [PDF]
Explore Fresno: Top Student Picks [PDF]
Last Day Check List [PDF]
Pager Instructions [PDF]
FHCN Student Epic Aid – Part I [PDF]
FHCN Student Epic Aid – Part II [PDF]

Parking Policy and Procedures [PDF]