Message from Associate Dean

Jim Davis

Kenny Banh, MD, FACEP

Assistant Dean of Undergraduate Medical Education & Student Services

We welcome the interest of medical students in our UCSF Fresno Undergraduate Medical Education Program.

UCSF Diversity

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Open Faculty Positions

Open Faculty Positions at UCSF Fresno

As we begin to implement our expansion of Undergraduate Medical Education on our campus, I am pleased to announce a host of opportunities that are becoming available to our UCSF Fresno Faculty. These positions were identified as an area of need that will help us to develop educational excellence as a regional campus of UCSF. Each position is unique and requires a different skill set but I hope that we can have a robust application pool for each position. Individual job descriptions including their clinical protected time are attached. Please see below for an overview and our filled positions.

Filled Positions
UCSF Fresno Director of Diversity (filled) – Dr. Andrea Long, Dept. of Surgery, Trauma/Critical Care

UCSF Fresno Director and Assistant Director of Faculty Development (filled) – Dr. Stacy Sawtelle, Dept. of Emergency Medicine

UCSF Fresno Assistant Director of Faculty Development (filled) – Dr. Anil Ghimire, Dept. of Internal Medicine, Pulmonary/Critical Care

UCSF Fresno Directors for Simulation (filled) – 

  • Dr. Jessica Fujimoto, Dept. of Emergency Medicine an
  • Dr. Amy Kwok, Dept. of Surgery, Trauma/Critical Care

UCSF Fresno SJV PRIME ASPIRE Director(filled) – Dr. Kamell Eckroth-Bernard, Dept. of Surgery, Vascular
A faculty that will run our summer medical student program combining community engagement, clinical exposure and research.

UCSF Fresno SJV PRIME Inquiry-ARCH week Director (filled) – Dr. Brian Chinnock, Dept. of Emergency Medicine
A faculty lead to spearhead the implementation of the student inquiry/research curriculum.

UCSF Fresno CL PRIME Working Group Faculty (filled)- 

  • Dr. Braden Lind, Dept. of Internal Medicine, Hospitalist
  • Dr. Jessie Werner, Dept. of Emergency Medicine
  • Dr. Varsha Babu, Dept. of Internal Medicine, Endocrine
  • Dr. Courtenay Pettigrew, Dept. of Emergency Medicine
Four faculty to work on developing electives and courses for SJV PRIME students.
  • Dr. Richard Kiel, Dept. of Internal Medicine, Cardiologist
  • Dr. Lily Hitchner, Dept. of Emergency Medicine
  • Dr. Motasem Refaat, Dept. of Surgery, Orthopedic Surgery


Kenny Banh, MD FACEP
Assistant Dean of Undergraduate Medical Education, UCSF Fresno
Associate Professor of Clinical Emergency Medicine
Director of UCSF Fresno Mobile Health and Learning COVID-19 Equity Project (Mobile HeaL CEP)
San Joaquin Valley PRIME Program