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Jim Davis

Kenny Banh, MD, FACEP

Assistant Dean of Undergraduate Medical Education & Student Services

We welcome the interest of medical students in our UCSF Fresno Undergraduate Medical Education Program.

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Class News and Alumni

Class News

Class of 2016:

Fabian Alberto, MD – Story about Fabian Alberto and the Rural PRIME rotation he recently did with Dr. Bruce Greenberg, the physician (UC Davis School of Medicine Class of 1975) who delivered him 30 years ago.

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Maricela Rangel-Garcia, MDIn Part I, she shares information about the SJV PRIME program, what it was like getting a “Head Start” in Medical School by being a part of this extraordinary program at an extraordinary campus, UCSF Fresno! Maricela also shares her journey and some of the highlights that happened on her very first rotation through the SJV PRIME program at UCSF Fresno. In part II, she provides more information about the SJV PRIME program and how that experience gave her the insight that Internal Medicine was her calling! She also shares information about Longitudinal Medicine and how that has shaped her ability to care for patients. Maricela also highlights her experiences at UCSF Fresno, and why she will be back!

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Class of 2014:

Agustin Morales, MD – is a PGY-2 Resident at UCSF Fresno. Agustin was a UC Davis student that had a unique opportunity to be part of the SJV PRIME Program. In part I, Agustin explains his roots, and why UCSF Fresno is crucial piece in his path to Internal medicine.  In part II, he talks more about SJV Prime program and why CRMC/UCSF Fresno was the perfect fit for him.  In part III, he shares a couple of memorable patient experiences, his views on coming from the Central Coast to the Central Valley, and if a home in Fresno is in his future.

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Assembly member Juan Arambula came to visit UCSF Fresno

Congressman Juan Arambula with students


PRIME Class of 2018

Dr. Kenny Banh with students

group of students

two students with mentor holding awards

PRIME Class of 2017

Group outdoor get together in the wilderness

Students having lunch at annual recognition luncheon

Students at clinical skill lab

Practicing casting an arm on a patient

Group of students in the forest

PRIME Class of 2016

PRIME Class of 2016

PRIME class 2016 with Dr. Kenny Banh

Prime class luncheon with Dr. Michael Peterson

PRIME dinner with students

PRIME Graduates

PRIME Class of 2015

smiling PRIME studentsFaculty receiving an awardPRIME students posing with certificatesPRIME Students graduating