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In order to meet the need for personal surgical masks for our trainees starting tomorrow, we have established the following process:  Starting tomorrow (4/4/20) morning, you will be provided one surgical mask to use while in the clinical setting each day.  You can obtain this surgical mask from UCSF Fresno by coming to the UCSF Fresno building between the hours of 5 and 8 am and the hours of 5 and 8 pm.  You will be asked to complete a screening questionnaire.  Once you pass the screening, we will provide you one mask to use throughout the day.  If these times don’t work for you, security will have a few additional masks to dispense throughout the day.   If you provide care for a COVID-19 positive patient, you should use appropriate PPE (enhanced droplet protection for care and N-95 PPE for high risk aerosol procedures). HOWEVER, save your surgical mask for use with subsequent patients.  We will update as the week goes on after the weekend.  Please pass this on to your colleagues to make sure everyone is aware of the process.

We are working hard to provide you a safe environment for patient care.  Let’s all support each other as we do what we trained to do!  These are unprecedented times in our lives, and this is when we step forward as a profession.


Michael W. Peterson, M.D., MACP
UCSF Professor of Medicine
UCSF Fresno Associate Dean


Medical students interested in giving back to the community, working with and caring for underserved and diverse groups of patients and networking with health professionals will want to join UCSF Fresno’s Mobile Health and Learning or Mobile HeaL clinic.

Dr. Kenny Banh with students at Mobile Heal

Mobile HeaL provides basic health screenings and vaccinations in San Joaquin Valley communities and will help link patients with follow-up care.

Please see our promotional flyer for the list of services we provide and for more information regarding how we are helping to improve the health of the San Joaquin Valley

The effort involves faculty physicians at UCSF Fresno, residents, medical students, regional college and university pre-health students and other community partners.  Participating pre-health students gain valuable clinical skills – experiences that are needed to be successful applicants to health professional schools. Medical students gain knowledge and develop the skills needed as practicing physicians. To build and enhance their skills, pre-health and medical students work alongside experienced medical residents and faculty physicians.

Benefits of Involvement

  • Make social connections and develop sense of community
  • Interact with faculty, business and community leaders and experts in various disciplines
  • Enhance a resume with demonstrated skills valued by potential employers, programs and residencies

Mobile Heal students

Mobile HeaL Staff 

Myrka Macedo

Myrka Macedo

Director of Outreach

Noel Cruz

Noel Cruz

Director of Operations

Amanda Panh

Amanda Panh

Student Medical Director

Liliana Samano

Liliana Samano

Student Medical Director


2020 Scheduled Events

Contact: fresno-mobileheal@ucsf.edu

Dates                                                             Event Locations

February 28

Virginia Lee Rose Elementary School Health Fair – Madera USD



Please note that The Mobile HeaL Clinic is available to preform basic medical screenings for Health Fairs in the San Joaquin Valley but mainly serves as a Mobile Clinic for various grant funded outreach events.  We are unfortunately unable to have a presence at every community fair event, however inquires can be submitted to fresno-mobileheal@ucsf.edu 6 or more weeks in advance.

Students, Staff and Faculty may request use of the Mobile HeaL Vehicle by registering using the link Mobile HeaL Unit Request. Please reference the calendar above for availability.



Please email: fresno-mobileheal@ucsf.edu

Dates:                                                                 Location:

January 17

Faith Home Teen Challenge- Ceres

January 22

United Samaritans Foundation- Turlock

March 19

HOST House- Patterson

March 28

United Samaritans Foundation- Turlock

March 30

Common Space- Fresno

April 9

Gaston Middle School

April 25

Teen Challenge Ranch – Ceres

May 2

Ballico Unified School District – Ballico

May 23

Denair Unified School District – Denair

May 29

United Samaritans Foundation – Turlock

June 25

United Samaritans Foundation – Turlock

June 27

HOST House- Patterson

July 13

Common Space Fresno – LGBTQ services (11am-3pm) Click here for flyer

July 30

United Samaritans Foundation

July 31

Denair School District-Sports Physicals and Teen Vaccinations Clinic (9am-3pm)

August 27

Hughson Family Resource Center

August 29

United Samaritans Foundation

September 4

Patterson Migrant Housing and Head Start, 506 Mayette Ave.,  Patterson & CA 95363

(Migrant Care Outreach, Sports Physicals and Youth Immunization Clinic) (9am-3pm)

September 24

United Samaritans Foundation

October 12

Pathways to Medicine: UC Merced Mini Med School (8am-4pm)

October 22

United Samaritans Foundation

October 23

UCSF Fresno – LIVE Wellness event (3-6pm)

October 26

Common Space Fresno – LGBTQ services (11am-3pm)

October 28

Patterson Unified School District (Sports Physicals and Youth Immunization Clinic) (9am-3pm)

November 1

CART Career fair
(8:15am – 3:00PM)

November 22

SCCCD District Health Services Meeting
(No volunteers required)

December 2

Fresno State HIV Screenings
(No volunteers required)

December 19

SJV Prime: Poverello House Clinic (10am-2pm) Click here for flyer


Get Involved

Mobile HeaL takes health care and medical education on the road. Join the effort. For more information about UCSF Fresno Mobile HeaL Clinic, please contact: mobileheal@fresno.ucsf.edu

UCSF Fresno Mobile Health and Learning (HeaL) will be opening volunteer director positions for the upcoming academic year (May 2019 – May 2020). Mobile HeaL provides basic medical evaluations, health screenings and vaccinations in San Joaquin Valley communities while helping link patients with follow-up care.

  • The mobile unit will operate primarily under the supervision of the Operations Director. Primary responsibilities include organizing the clinical operations of UCSF Fresno Mobile HeaL, management of schedule of clinic, recruitment and orientation for providers, oversight of budget, supplies, purchasing, informatics and grant execution. Also responsible for coordinating with various patient advocacy groups and clinics to organize clinic events.
  • The Outreach Director is responsible for leading and organizing UCSF Fresno Mobile HeaL work with the community and vested partners. This position is responsible for communicating  with groups representing at risk populations, volunteer groups, recruitment, orientation and training, marketing and sponsoring partners.
  • The Medical Student Director will be responsible for working with the other directors and the board to integrate Mobile HeaL operations into medical student curriculum and outreach objectives and guide mission of clinic services. This position will also be the lead contact for communication between undergraduate student volunteers.

Interested applicants should  submit a CV and letter of intent for commitment for the coming year. Applications due by May 15, 2019. Applications will be reviewed based on merit but also prior and future commitment to the project. The only position that requires a set academic requirement is the Medical Student Director who must be a current medical student.

For more information: :