Library Services

Questions may range from basic directional or procedural questions to in-depth mediated searching. In the case of most reference transactions, it is the goal of the library staff to inform and educate users on how to conduct their own searches.

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Below is a list of available reference services:

  • Directional or procedural questions– For example, computers, printer, policy, etc.
  • Ready reference– Single source searches with quick, factual.
    answers; location of known library items.
  • Instructional reference– How to access or use library resources or how to develop an effective search strategy.
  • Introduction to new library technologies– For example, iPad basics, use of thumb drives, creating medical blogs, etc.
  • Mediated searching– Searching that requires assistance from the librarian and extends beyond 25 citations is considered a mediated search service. Please meet with the librarian at least two weeks in advance of your deadline to discuss the details and determine the appropriateness of librarian participation.

The following searches and services are not conducted by the medical library staff, although users with such questions or needs will be referred appropriately.

  • Genealogical searches
  • Trivia searches for contests or game shows
  • Proofreading
  • Typing or preparation of documents and presentations

For more information, please see the library’s Reference Policy.
If you would like assistance, please fill out the following online form to send your research request to the librarian.

Lit Search Request form
You can expect a response within 1-2 business days.
Questions submitted during the weekend will be answered the next business day.

  • Locate journal articles using the UCSF Digital Library.
  • To search for journals and browse journal titles by subject, use Online Journals.
  • To perform a comprehensive literature search, use PubMed@UCSF.
  • To find articles on specific topics, search for appropriate Databases (such as PubMed or MD Consult), and then perform either a keyword search or subject headings search according to the database selected.
    If you already have a partial article citation and want full text, use PubMed’s Citation Matcher.


Be sure that you have logged onto the UCSF network or are using remote access before trying to locate the full text of an article. UC E-Links will not work if you are not logged in.
Once an article is located in PubMed, click on the UC E-Links button (orange icon) to see if full text for the article is available online.
If full text is not available for a specific journal article, please contact the librarian or complete the Request an Article form. The library can usually obtain articles through interlibrary loan. It may take several days for your article to arrive. This service is available to UCSF affiliates only.
Please visit the UC E-Links Quick Start Guide for further information on how to retrieve the full text of articles.You may need a 14-digit library bar code to obtain full article text using the UC E-Links icon. Please contact a librarian for assistance.

Request an Article form
Please be aware that it may take several days for your article to arrive. In most cases, journal articles will be delivered electronically via email. Delivery method is dependent upon the lending library or service.


Library materials may be checked out by UCSF Fresno residents, fellows, faculty, and staff for a 2-week period. Bring the desired book(s) to the librarian who will record the information in the library’s automated circulation system, CyberTools.

Interlibrary Loans may be requested for books available from local medical libraries or from other University of California campuses.

First check the UCSF Fresno Library Catalog, click on the drop-down catalog menu and choose “all catalogs,” then perform your search.

  • If the book is available locally, the librarian will make the arrangements to borrow the book through Docline.

If the book is not available locally, check availability from other UC campuses by going to the UCSF Digital Library > Collections & Resources > Melvyl

  • If the book is available through the UC system, you will be able to complete the request electronically. If you do not already have a library barcode, you can request one from the librarian. Make sure you when you request the delivery location from the drop-down menu that you select “UCSF Fresno.”
  • Books coming from other UC campuses to Fresno will take approximately 7-10 working days, and will arrive by courier on Wednesday afternoons. You will be notified of the arrival by email.


UCSF Fresno faculty, residents and fellows with a current library borrower account are eligible to borrow iPads. Borrowers agree to assume responsibility for borrowed iPads and agree to pay any fees incurred for damages sustained while the iPad is in their possession. Borrowers must adhere to the Rules of Use as listed below.

iPads may be borrowed from the Medical Library Monday through Friday, when a librarian is available. All iPads are due back in 7 days. They must be handed to the librarian (or to the lobby receptionist if the librarian is unavailable), so that the Temporary Lease Agreement can be signed off.

iPads are loaned on a first-come, first-served basis. To see if one is available, call 499-6510, or stop by the Medical Library desk. No reservations will be made, but a waiting list will be maintained in order to deny renewal requests.

iPads are loaned for a 1-week period and may be renewed once if there is no one on the waiting list. Borrowers must complete a loan agreement accepting responsibility for any loss or damage to the iPad and the cost of replacement. Renewals may be granted if there is no one on the waiting list, but only by direct communication with a librarian (499-6510).


iPad kits include an iPad (16GB, wi-fi only), power adapter, cover, and carrying case.

Use of iPads

  • Users are responsible for making sure that the iPad does not get damaged, lost, or stolen while it is checked out to them. For details, see the “Fees for Damage” section.
  • Apps and content may be loaded on the iPad using your own accounts. When an iPad is returned, all data and settings will be wiped from the device.
  • Users are responsible for any violations of the Information Security Policies, Procedures, and Guidelines (see and all other applicable UC policies, State or Federal laws or contractual agreements.
  • The UCSF Library assumes no responsibility for any problems that the iPad may cause to any other equipment to which the iPad is connected.
    iPad use is a privilege that can be revoked if the service is abused.

Fees for Damage

As of October 25, 2012, the replacement cost for the entire iPad Kit (iPad, Power Adapter, Smart Cover, and Case Logic VNA210) is $655.00. Cost to replace individual items: $540 – iPad; $25 – Power Adapter; $50 – Smart Cover; $40 – Case.

More Information

Contact the Medical Library by email ( or phone (559) 499-6510.

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