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Nou Lee “The Doctors Academy program is the foundation to my professional healthcare career. I am truly blessed for all the faculty and mentor support that enabled me to stretch out and explore. The program has provided a wealth of tools and opportunities that uniquely shaped my pathway to become a pharmacist. I am happy that I made the choice to be a part of this amazing program!”
—Nou Lee, UCSF School of Pharmacy, Doctors Academy Class of 2010


Seng Peng
“As a first generation immigrant, the Doctors Academy program gave me the confidence and motivation that I could attend a world class university and succeed and even complete a Master’s degree. Even though I am not working in the health sector, the DA Program inspired me to pursue a career in public service advocating for underserved communities worldwide.”
—Seng Peng, Senior Development Specialist, Cardno Emerging Markets, Doctors Academy Class of 2003


Stephanie Huerta Alvarez
“Being Latina, a first-generation college student and a teen mother put me at a huge disadvantage when I entered my first year of college at UCSC. Doctors Academy was able to provide me with the tools and inspiration to follow my dreams to become a health professional in the Central Valley. The dedication and compassion of the staff to the students is truly unmatched. Doctor’s Academy is a program that is vital to fill the gaps of health and medical care that currently exist within our community. I am now working at UCSF Fresno LaCMER as a program coordinator for the JDA and DA program and it has been wonderful to come full circle and give back to the program. I had the honor of being part of the first cohort that graduated from Caruthers High DA. It has been unbelievable to see the impact the program has had on this small farming community I call home just 10 years after the program began. It has changed the trajectory of countless students and their families. In addition to working at LaCMER, I am also completing my Masters in Public Health at UC Berkeley. It would not have been possible without the continued support of the LaCMER staff and community.”
—Stephanie Huerta Alvarez, BS in Human Biology, UC Santa Cruz; MPH Candidate, UC Berkeley


Cynthia L. Vuittonet“The Doctors Academy prepared me for being a competitive undergraduate applicant. Through all the efforts by Dr. Flores and the UCSF Latino Center staff, my dreams of becoming a doctor came true. On May 27, 2012, I graduated from the Warren Alpert Medical School of Brown University with my MD! I owe it all to the Doctor’s Academy.”  
—Cynthia L. Vuittonet, MD


Nathan Singh“The DA has dramatically affected my life and career trajectory.  Before coming into the DA, I had no idea what I wanted to be when I grew up (other than an NBA basketball player!).  From the very first summer course, and throughout the next four years, I had an encouraging, nurturing, supportive environment that consistently expected my utmost effort.  The emphasis the DA placed on serving my community and the pride and joy that comes with being a leader in your community is a unique privilege that I am daily humbled to experience.  Through the one-on-one relationships that the DA fostered, I came to know and love an extended family– dozens of staff and students who continuously inspire me to serve.  Without the DA, I am almost certain I would not be in medical school.  Indeed, it was only through those 4 years that my passions for serving others health needs were ignited by the DA.  And since then, during the past 8 years, I have come to truly understand and appreciate the significance of this program and how vital it is to city of Fresno and surrounding communities.”
—Nathan Singh, UCSF School of Medicine


Anthony Evaristo“Regardless of what career Doctors Academy students pursue, the program has made a tremendous impact in a Fresno school district where one-fourth of students typically drop out.” 
—Anthony Evaristo, BA in Psychology, UC Davis



Amalia Madrigal“Having the opportunity to be part of the Doctors Academy program has supported me to achieve my academic and professional goals.  The guidance provided throughout the program helped me grow personally and professionally.  The Doctors Academy has become a family to me where I can seek guidance/advice.” 
—Amalia Madrigal, BS, Health Science, California State University, Fresno


Carlos Cassillas ” HCOP has been paramount in me attaining my goals of Medical school acceptance in the UCLA Prime program to ultimately be a physician leader for my community. HCOP allowed opportunities for me to network with current professionals and gain insights and advice from those who have blazed the trail before. Another important aspect was the individual advising I received which really help me track my goals and encouraged me to push forward. I owe so much of my success to HCOP!” 
—Carlos Cassillas – 4th year medical student UCLA Prime


 Hope Delgado“Coming from a small farm working town nestled in the San Joaquin, we all know it is a place where fields, orchards, and almond trees are accompanied by aching bodies of migrant field workers. This is our family’s story, thus ours. The importance of pursuing a higher education and becoming a health professional needs to be instilled so that we can become cognizant of the underlying factors that affect our community. It is important as health professionals to go back to our community to assure our community access to cost effective health care within close proximity. Through community education we can educate younger generations about pursuing a career in the medical field and about the health disparities within their community in order for them to begin thinking about what they can do to improve their well-being… The Doctors Academy really is there to help you.”
– Hope Delgado, undergraduate at UC Berkeley, Doctors Academy class of 2016

Anuvir Singh, M.D.“Doctors Academy has been instrumental in my professional as well as personal growth. This program sparked my interest in medicine and facilitated my academic success in high school. It provided me with rigorous high school courses along with regular tutorials, academic workshops, and internships at community and medical sites in the Central Valley. I became more aware of the needs of rural communities by participating in this program. One of my personal goals, to alleviate the problems afflicting my community, led me to apply to medical school in 2016. I was fortunate to be accepted to UCSF School of Medicine, where I will obtain necessary education and training to become a skilled rural medicine clinician and active community advocate. I look forward to using my MD/MPH degrees to improve the lives of underserved populations and assist non-English speaking patients to better comprehend the value of their health.”
– Anuvir Singh, M.D. Candidate at UCSF School of Medicine, Doctors Academy class of 2010