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To accomplish its goal of increasing the number of Latino health care professionals in the area, the Center is working to create a strong educational pipeline within the public schools in Fresno County by recruiting, mentoring and tutoring Latino students and other educationally disadvantaged students.  Through a variety of interventions, the Center works to prepare students to graduate from high school with the academic and qualifications necessary to enter any California State University, University of California, or private university. In doing so, the Center increases the quality and quantity of underrepresented minorities in the applicant pools of health professions schools. The Center also works with Latino physicians by providing fellowships to allow the training necessary to develop strong research and teaching skills. The expectation is that these physicians will choose to stay in the area and serve as mentors and role models. The Center also continues to establish a strong research program in the region with a focus on the health care needs of Latinos and other underserved populations.<