fellowship program.

Geetha Sivasubramanian

Geetha Sivasubramanian, MD

Elham Rahmati, MD, MPH

Elham Rahmati, MD, MPH

Assistant Clinical Professor Specialty: Infectious Diseases  

Almira Opardija, MD

Almira Opardija, MD

Assistant Clinical Professor
Infectious Disease

Peter V. Chin-Hong, MD

Site Director, UCSF

Professor of Medicine, UCSF

Marisa Mendez, Pharm D

Infectious Disease Clinical Pharmacist

Assistant Clinical Professor, Clinical Pharmacy

Erica Kasper, MD

Associate Program Director, Internal Medicine Residency
Associate Clinical Professor, UCSF
Specialty: Infectious Disease/Internal Medicine

Robert Libke, MD

Director, Infection Control

Chair, Human Investigation Review

Professor of Clinical Medicine, UCSF

Naiel N. Nassar, MD, FACP

Infectious Diseases Division Director/Program Director

Antibiotic Stewardship Director

Professor of Clinical Medicine, UCSF