Kaiser Teaching Award

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To Residents, Fellows, and Students:

The UCSF School of Medicine recognizes exceptional faculty teachers through the Kaiser Teaching Awards. Each year 1 of these distinguished awards is awarded to a UCSF Fresno faculty member. In addition to the recognition, the recipient is honored at the UCSF Fresno graduation and at an awards ceremony held at UCSF. The recipient also receives a monetary award. Every nominated faculty member receives a letter of recognition with personalized comments from the nomination forms.

To nominate a UCSF Fresno faculty member for this prestigious award please use the following criteria:

  • Teaches effectively, inspires enthusiasm for learning and stimulates independent, critical thinking
  • Sets high expectations, helps students to meet them and provides worthwhile feedback
  • Shows respect and concern for students, offering effective guidance
  • Demonstrates thorough knowledge of their area of expertise including recent developments in their field
  • Has an interest in current and effective approaches to teaching
  • Provides learning opportunities that extend beyond the required curriculum
  • Teaching activities contribute to the intellectual growth of both the student and the candidate

You can best support your candidate for the award by addressing the strongest characteristics of excellent teaching you believe they possess. When you address these characteristics provide solid evidence and concrete examples. Construct a clear and persuasive argument for how and why your candidate does what the criteria specifies and therefore is deserving of the award. Avoid vague, generalized statements.

Deadline: Friday, May 6th at 5:00 pm.

Ineligible: Ineligible: Dr. Eric Lindvall, Dr. Mohammed Bukari