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UCSF Diversity

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UCSF Fresno Diversity, Equity and Inclusion Education and Outreach Initiatives


  • The UCSF Differences Matter Initiative includes the Diversity, Equity & Inclusion Champion training for faculty & staff, and includes education on implicit bias and microaggressions, skills related to being an ally/upstander, and learning how to apply active listening and empathy to support a more diverse, equitable, and inclusive environment. Over4000 faculty and staff have been trained. Congratulations to the OB/Gyn department for being the first to reach 100% of core faculty completion of this training.
  • A focused version of the DEI Champion Training was conducted with the 2022-2023 Intern class during boot camp, as well as with the pediatric residents. We will continue to offer this yearly to incoming interns and to current residents who have not yet been able to participate in this training.
  • Teach for UCSF Certificate Program in Teaching for Equity and Inclusion. Sessions go more in depth on many of the topics brought up in Champion training (exploring microaggression in learning environment, feedback across differences, equitable assessment, and more)
  • Working towards the development of an Anti-Racism/ Anti-Oppression curriculum, the four UCSF professional schools & Graduate Division are in the process of adding required coursework that range from anti-racism and its consequences in science and health care to the social determinants of health to DEIA leadership and beyond. Many departments have integrated DEIA efforts into their residency curriculum as well as outreach efforts.
  • The UCSF Fresno Anti-Racist Journal Club is a quarterly meeting where we center BIPOC voices in an effort to combat internal bias. The next topic on December 7th is “Rethinking Bias to Achieve Maternal Health Equity Changing Organizations, Not Just Individuals.” Email Dr. Julie Nicole for more information: JNicole2@communitymedical.org
  • Health Equity Symposium Series:
    • November 12, 2021 – The launch of a new annual health equity series began with “Advancing Excellence in LGBTQ+ Health”. It was attended by >100 participants. Conference directors were Dr. Julie Nicole (Ob/Gyn), Dr. Liana Milanes (Family Medicine) and Dr. Andrea Long (Surgery) – Enduring Materials are available, contact Summer Connery for more information: Connery@ucsf.edu
    • November 4, 2022 – The second installment of the series, “At Risk in the Central Valley: Voices from the Black and Hmong Communities” took place. Co-Directors were Dr. Andrea Long (Surgery), Dr. Julie Nicole (OB/Gyn) and Dr. John Moua (Pediatrics).


  • Health Pathways Programs: https://sjvpremed.ucsf.edu/
    • Doctor’s Academy/Junior Doctor’s Academy
    • Aspiring Physicians Program at Fresno State
    • San Joaquin Valley California Medicine Scholars Program (SJV-CMSP)
    • Fresno Summer Biomedical Internship Program
    • Mini Medical School
  • Intentional Recruitment Coalition: https://www.fresno.ucsf.edu/intentional-recruitment-coalition/
    • Founded in 2020 by Dr Kamell Eckroth-Bernard
    • Pre-med Surgical Internship (PSI): fresno-surgery-psi@ucsf.edu
      • 7-month intensive program designed to prepare current pre-medical students from groups traditionally underrepresented in medicine and from economically disadvantaged backgrounds to successfully matriculate into medical school.
      • Develop skills such as networking, professionalism, communication skills, time management, coping with stress, personal statement writing, interviewing, that will serve them well into medical school and thereafter.
    • Stipends are available for all departments to encourage UIM medical students to do sub-Internships at UCSF Fresno. 

Clinical Outreach

  • Violence Intervention Program
    • Led by Surgery and Emergency Medicine departments
    • Partners a trained crisis intervention worker with patient, work with community organizations to access to resources for housing/education/job search/interview clothes and more
    • Large focus on those affected by gang violence, but with new grant now expanding beyond to more patients affected by interpersonal violence
  • Trauma Survivors Network
    • Provide resources for those affected by traumatic injuries, support groups and one-on-one peer counseling
  • The HEAL – Health Equity Action Lab – meets monthly and has been/will continue to be a great resource for equity-based research and locoregional projects. 
  • Mobile HEAL Clinic and Outreach Clinics
    • COVID Equity Project
    • Transgender Health (on hold due to COVID)
    • Poverello House – screenings, vaccinations, wound care
  • Examples of some outreach efforts in departments:
    • Pediatrics community and public health rotation; CARE Cultural Awareness & Reflection Exercises encourage residents to observe and reflect upon the histories, practices and lived experiences of various cultural and other social identity groups in the Central Valley
    • EM scheduled rotations at COVID equity clinics and running HEAL projects, integrated curriculum on DEI topics including voices from community organizations
    • Surgery volunteer at Poverello house, Violence Intervention, Breast cancer screenings, intentional recruitment coalition
    • Family Medicine: Trans health elective
    • Many departments: Vaccine awareness, health screening, volunteer work

UCSF Fresno Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion Committee

  • Paving the Way Toward a More Diverse, Equitable, and Inclusive UCSF for All: We’re committed to building a broadly diverse community, nurturing a culture that is welcoming and supportive, and engaging diverse ideas for the provision of culturally competent education, discovery, and patient care.
  • Website:https://www.fresno.ucsf.edu/fresno-diversity/. UCSF main campus resources: https://diversity.ucsf.edu
  • Subcommittees
    • Outreach – working with and supporting local community organizations
    • Resources / Curriculum – curating list of local and national resources, events, and curriculum collaboration for trainee programs
    • Data – assessing diversity of our campus and committee, identifying focus areas for outreach
  • Past projects have included LGBTQ health care education with partner hospitals and electronic medical record update, accessibility awareness, supporting women in academic medicine, amongst others