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Arlin Venturina

Arlin Venturina, MD

Program Director

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Open Faculty Positions

The following positions are open from the UCSF Fresno Department of Family and Community Medicine


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Rotation Location*
PGY 1   
Orientation CRMC/Reedley Hospital
Cardiology CRMC
Community Medicine CRMC
Emergency Medicine CRMC
Family Medicine Clinics CMC/CSV/Reedley
FM Inpatient CRMC
Int Med Inpatient (Med D) CRMC
Night Float CRMC/Reedley Hospital
Orthopedic Surgery CRMC
Pediatric Inpatient Valley Children’s Healthcare
Rural OB Reedley Hospital


Rotation Location*
PGY 2   
Behavioral Science CRMC / CMC Clinic /Fresno County
Emergency Medicine CRMC
Family Medicine Clinics CMC/CSV/Reedley
FM Inpatient CRMC
Med D (Internal Medicine Inpatient) CRMC
OB Clinic CMC / WH Clinic
OB Night Float CRMC
Pediatric Inpatient CRMC
Pediatric Outpatient CMC Peds Clinic / Reedley
Rural OB Reedley Hospital
Surgery-General CRMC/Surgical SC
Women’s Health ACC/Surgical SC/Reedley
Elective TBD


Rotation Location*
PGY 3  
Advocacy & Leadership
Private Offices
Geriatrics AMC/Hinds Hospice/CRMC
Int Med Inpatient (Med D) CRMC
Night Float CRMC
Orthopedic Outpatient Reedley PO / Surgical SC /CRMC /VA
Pediatric Emergency Medicine Valley Children’s Healthcare
Procedural Specialties PO/VA/Surgical SC/FF
FM Inpatient Reedley Hospital /United Health Parlier
Electives TBD


*Location abbreviations:
AMC = Alzheimers & Memory Center
CMC = Community Medical Center
CRMC = Community Regional Medical Center
CSV = Clinica Sierra Vista – Elm Family Medicine Center
FF = Family First
PO = Private Office
Reedley Hospital = Adventist Medical Center-Reedley
Surgical SC = Surgical Services Center
Valley Children’s Healthcare (Hospital)
VA = Veteran’s Administration Hospital