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Brian Chinnock

Brian Chinnock, MD

EM Assistant Research Director

Kimon Ioannides, MD

Kimon Ioannides, MD

EM Research Coordinator

Jannet Castaneda

Jannet Castaneda, BA


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Current Studies

Epidemiology of Ice Climbing Injuries at North American Ice Climbing Festivals

This is a study of ice climbers attending ice climbing festivals during the 2018-2019 winter climbing season. A total of 16 ice climbing festivals held in North America were identified via Google search.

Principle Investigator: Spano, Susanne

 Vaginal Self Sampling for rapid turnaround gonorrhea/chlamydia testing in the Emergency Department

Non-inferiority trial comparing two methods of collection using a US Food and Drug Administration- cleared 90-minute rapid nucleic acid amplification assay, the Xpert CT/NG assay.

 Principle Investigator: Chinnock, Brian

Which Nebulizer is best?  A prospective observational study of 4 nebulizer devices in a busy academic Emergency Department

Observational study looking at Emergency Department (ED) length of stay in asthma patients based on the nebulizer equipment used to deliver Albuterol

Principle Investigator: Campagne, Danielle

Physical Exam Findings in the Diagnosis of Septic Joints in the Emergency Department

 Observational study of patients undergoing evaluation for a possible septic joint in the emergency department.

Principle Investigator: Darracq, Michael

The Impact of a Mindfulness Meditation Program on Faculty and Trainee Wellness

This study will look at the impact of an eight-week mindfulness meditation course on the wellness of faculty and trainees at UCSF Fresno. 

Principle Investigator: Weichenthal, Lori

A Review of Missed Esophageal Intubations and Intubation Success Rates

This is a retrospective observational study of all advanced airways in a 4-county EMS system. In this system, ground transport does not use rapid sequence intubation (RSI) medications, whereas air transport does.

Principle Investigator: Armenian, Patil

Physician Assistant Utilization in U.S. Emergency Departments; 2010 to 2015

This is a secondary analysis research study of existing data. The National Ambulatory Medical Care Survey database will be analyzed regarding physician assistants as a workforce in the Emergency Department.

Principle Investigator: Wu, Fred

EMS Pre-Hospital Behavioral Health Screening

review study investigating patients transported to a Fresno County Mental Health Facility using the policies and procedures already approved and being used by the local EMS system.

Principle Investigator: Andrew, Jim

Standardized Orders Decrease Opioid Prescribing from the Emergency Department

 Chart review will be performed for patients discharged from the Emergency Department at Community Regional Medical Center who received prescriptions for hydrocodone-acetaminophen 5-325mg.

Principle Investigator: Ramirez, Gilbert

The Impact of Extremes in Outdoor Temperature on the Accuracy of Glucose Levels Measured in the Prehospital Setting

This study will look at the impact of extremes in outdoor temperature on the accuracy of blood glucose levels (BGLs) measured in the prehospital setting in Fresno, California.

Principle Investigator: Weichenthal, Lori


Factors Impacting Performance of Long-Distance Female Backpackers in the Sierra Nevada

 This is a retrospective review of data collected by John Curran Ladd, through JMT-related message boards on Yahoo! Groups®, Facebook®, and in person on the John Muir Trail in 2014. The study will analyze pre-trip decisions and performance outcomes experienced by long distance backpackers in the Sierra Nevada, and specifically look at the differences seen in the cohort of female hikers separate from the cohort of all hikers. 

Principle Investigator: Spano, Susanne

Using Geographic Information Systems (GIS) to examine injury mechanisms and outcomes in a regional trauma system

This is a retrospective observational study examining the locations of traumatic injury in the cachement area of our regional level I trauma center .

Principle Investigator: Armenian, Patil

More selective spinal immobilization, are we missing significant injuries?

Electronic medical records will be reviewed for information including mode of arrival, age, whether the cervical spine was immobilized by EMS, emergency department reports, radiology reports, neurosurgical reports, discharge summaries, method of cervical stabilization, mechanism of injury, ED disposition, need for operative management, evidence of neurologic deficit, and length of stay in the hospital.

Principle Investigator: Campagne, Danielle

Gun violence and stimulant drug use: A qualitative and quantitative analysis of gunshot wound (GSW) patients at a level I trauma center

 Study Goals: 1. To test the feasibility of recruiting and interviewing GSW patients, 2. To definitively identify drugs in GSW patients using high resolution mass spectrometry, 3. To explore the social contexts of GSW incidents, including alcohol and drug use, using a routine activities analysis framework, and 4. To compare stimulant drugs present in cases and controls.

Principle Investigator: Armenian, Patil