Interim Chief of Emergency Medicine

Daniellle Campagne, MD

Danielle Campagne, MD, FACEP

Program Director

Stacy Sawtelle, MD

Stacy Sawtelle, MD

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Senior Area of Concentration


PGY4 Parkmedic residents can designate “EMS/Parkmedic” as their Area of Concentration (AOC). Of note, residents are expected to log a designated amount of time to complete their AOC. If the resident does not want “EMS/Parkmedic” as their sole AOC they can split it with any other area of interest (eg. EMS/PM and Ultrasound, EMS/PM and Pediatrics, etc.).

As a PGY4 Parkmedic resident, you take a leadership role in one of four areas which include administration/operations, continuing quality improvement (CQI), training/continuing medical education, or National Park Service (NPS)/national focus.