Teaching Cases

fellowship program.

This website includes ultrasound teaching cases from the UCSF Fresno Emergency Medicine Residency. Click onto the various versions of the video to assess your ability to interpret the scans. The version marked Full consists of video that is narrated and marked. The history and clinical courses of the real cases are included where available.

Resident at ultrasound station

Large AAA. Intraluminal thrombus throughout the aorta with deceptively normal looking lumen. Initial views are longitudinal. At the end of the video the view is transverse.

The gallbladder is completely visualized with common hepatic duct and portal vein. The lower wall of the gallbladder has apparent internal contents that resembles sludge. This is partial volume effect along the posterior wall of the gallbladder consistent with pseudosludge.

This is the right kidney with moderate hydronephrosis as noted by the dilated collecting system in the renal pelvis.

This cardiac study reveals a small pericardial effusion. The first cardiac view is the parasternal long axis view. A small effusion is visualized as an anechoic stripe superiorly and inferiorly. A short video segment at the end is the parasternal short axis view also revealing the effusion.