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Stacy Sawtelle, MD

James Comes, MD, FACEP

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Stacy Sawtelle-Vohra

Stacy Sawtelle-Vohra, MD, FACEP

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What is a Scribe?

Ideally a pre-medical student (or student interested in pursuing a career within medicine) who works side by side with providers enabling them to maximize efficiency and as a result allow delivery of premier patient service.

Along side with the provider, a scribe works amid busy trauma/medical codes & procedures, taking care of the central valley’s sickest patients. Needless to say our scribes see everything emergency medicine has to offer.

Not only do scribes function as a provider’s “right hand” person, their on-the-fly personal assistant, but they are also engaged in ongoing clinical research contributing to publications within the medical literature, and are involved with departmental extracurricular activities.


Established December 2012 with two scribes, which has now grown to seven scribes. Two scribes from our program have matriculated into medical school:

Audra Iness: Virginia Commonwealth University Medical School
Ruzan Orkusyan: UC Irive Medical School
Brandon J. Croft: Chicago Medical School
Shayan Zoghi: Lake Erie College of Osteopathic Medicine