Emergency Medicine Education

fellowship program.

UCSF Fresno Department of Emergency Medicine Education Fellowship

The UCSF Fresno Department of Emergency Medicine offers a one year fellowship in Medical Education that will give you a foundation in medical education and propel your career forward.

Interested applicants should submit a CV and letter of intent by August 15 to:

Jessica Mason, MD
Fellowship Director

Two letters of reference, including one from your residency program director, are also required prior to your interview. We accept applications from United States or Canadian Emergency Medicine Residency Programs who are board eligible or board certified.

Fellows with faculty memberFellow and Faculty


Fellowship Objectives

1. Design and implement an educational project

Our faculty will support and guide you as you design and implement an education project of your choosing.

2. Translate your project into academic scholarship

Submit a paper to a journal, present at conferences, write for a blog, and/or digitally publish your work.

3. Develop and improve your skills as a clinical teacher

Fellows will teach during academic shifts, give lectures and lead workshops during resident conference, and learn how to design simulation scenarios.  Further opportunities to get involved in teaching medical students, residents, national parks medics, or pre-med learners are available depending on your interests.

4. Build mentorships and network

Work with UCSF Fresno’s outstanding medical educators who work with learners of all levels, from high school students interested in health careers to med students, residents, and attending physicians pursuing CME. Network with like-minded colleagues across the country at the ACEP Teaching Fellowship. 

Fellowship Tracks

Fellows are encouraged to choose one of the following tracks:

1. Digital Media and Technology – work with Dr. Jess Mason from EM:RAP on digital publications. Optional activities in this track include:

  • Learn to use the equipment needed to record audio and/or video for medical education
  • Produce, write, record, and edit a podcast segment for EM:RAP or C3
  • Produce, write, film, and edit a teaching video for EM:RAP HD
  • Assist with curriculum design and present at EM:RAP Live – a two hour educational conference broadcasted live
  • Learn fundamentals of slide design and presentation skills

2. Assistant Clerkship Director – work side-by-side with Dr. Anneli von Reinhart, our Clerkship Director, in running our medical student rotations. Every year 70+ students from all over the country rotate through our department, seeking a high yield clinical and educational experience.

  • Advise and mentor students applying to Emergency Medicine.
  • Design and implement curricula for the rotating medical students
  • Delve into the challenges of grading, evaluation, and writing eSLOEs

3. Assistant Program Director – work with Program Director Dr. Stacy Sawtelle Vohra and her team as an APD, learning the ropes of graduate medical education and running a residency.

  • Learn how to structure and build a residency curriculum
  • Advise and evaluate Emergency Medicine residents
  • Participate in CCC committee
  • Recruit and evaluate medical student applicants

4. Build your own track!

  • We can help you structure your own educational objectives to suit your individual interests
  • Our faculty will help you define your goals and pair you with mentors to guide you towards success

Professional Development

  • Education fellowship meetings
    • Fellows will meet with the education faculty regularly to discuss projects, work towards career goals, and build mentoring relationships.
  • ACEP Teaching Fellowship
    • Education fellows are funded to attend this two-part teaching fellowship in Dallas, Texas, specifically designed for Emergency Medicine educators. This program results in a certificate, and allows you to meet, learn from, and build relationships with colleagues from across the country, including luminaries of EM education.
  • UCSF Health Professions Education Pathway
    • Fellows can opt into this one month intensive program in San Francisco for an interdisciplinary approach to fundamentals of medical education, including bedside teaching, curricular development, and education research. The HPE program gives you opportunity to build relationships with UCSF educators, and to present your project at their annual Spring symposium.
  • UCSF Fresno Education Symposium
    • Fellows will present their scholarly work and progress of their educational projects at this annual event.

About our residency and Emergency Department

Our Emergency Medicine residency program was founded in 1974 and is one of the oldest and most respected in the country. We serve a large and diverse patient population from urban, suburban, rural and wilderness settings in California’s Central Valley. Our ED at Community Regional Medical Center serves >113,000 patients per year, and we see the highest volume of trauma patients of any Level 1 Trauma Center in California.


About our faculty

Jessica Mason, MD

Jessica Mason, MD

Clinical Instructor of Emergency Medicine
Fellowship Director

Kenny Banh, MD

Kenny Banh, MD, FACEP

Assistant Dean of Undergraduate Medical Education, UCSF Fresno
Associate Professor of Clinical Emergency Medicine, UCSF
Education Fellowship Director

Stacy Sawtelle, MD

Stacy Sawtelle Vohra, MD

Program Director
Associate Director, Education Fellowship
Associate Clinical Professor of Emergency Medicine, UCSF



Deena Benjamin, MD
2014 Fellowship Graduate
Associate Program Director
Loma Linda University Dept of Emergency Medicine
Former Emergency Medicine Clerkship Director at UCSF Fresno

Anneli von Reinhart, MD
2017 Fellowship Graduate
Emergency Medicine Clerkship Director
UCSF Fresno Dept. of Emergency Medicine


Jessica Mason, MD
Jessica Mason, MD
2017 Fellowship Graduate
Medical Education Fellowship Director
UCSF Fresno Dept. of Emergency Medicine


Xian Li, MD
2018 Fellowship Graduate
Assistant Program Director
UCSF Fresno Dept. of Emergency Medicine


Frequently Asked Questions

Can I still apply if I come from a 3 year residency program?
Yes, you can. In fact, 3 out of 4 of our first fellows came from 3 year programs.

When should I apply?
Applications are due by September 15. Earlier applications are welcome. We aim to schedule interviews in September and October and make offers by November.

How many education fellows do you hire per year?
We may hire one or two fellows per year.

How many shifts do fellows work in the ED?
Fellows work a minimum of 8 shifts per month. You can choose to add more at your discretion, but a full time shift load is discouraged as a fellow – we want you to focus on honing your craft as an educator.

Are fellows considered full time?
Yes, this is one of the beauties of fellowship! You are considered full time in terms of benefits, but you only have to work 8 shifts.

Do fellows have an academic title?
Fellows are given the academic title of Clinical Instructors of Emergency Medicine, UCSF Fresno.

Do you often hire fellows as faculty?
We love hiring our fellows and have an excellent retention rate, but we also beam with pride when our fellows move on to be academic leaders at other institutions.

Is there an academic stipend?
Fellows are given a $2,000 academic stipend.

Do you offer a Master’s Degree in Education?
A Master’s Degree is not a standard part of our fellowship curriculum.