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Richard Kiel, MD

Richard Kiel, MD

Program Director

Established in 2007, our three year ACGME-accredited Cardiovascular Disease Fellowship is a program within the Department of Internal Medicine.

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Research & Publications

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  4. Fridolin Sy MD, Jagroop Basraon DO, Hong Zheng DO, Manminder Singh MD, John A. Ambrose MD. Takotsubo cardiomyopathy may be more common than previously reported in postmenopausal women presenting as ACS. ACC 2013

Kamal Kotak:

PI: Dr John Ambrose, MD, FACC
Emphasis: Secondhand smoking and Platelet Activation

Title: A single controlled exposure to second hand smoke does not alter thrombogenesis or cause platelet activation
Clinical Question: Does single episode of controlled exposure to second hand smoke lead to platelet activation?
Design: Evaluation of platelet activation and aggregation using Flowcytometry before and after a single controlled exposure to second hand smoking
Summary of findings: A single controlled exposure to second hand smoke does not alter thrombogenesis or cause platelet activation
Status: Abstract in JACC and Poster Presentation ACC 2012 Meeting

Sub-Investigator-VA Medical Center, Fresno, CA – (August 2012)
TOPCAT (A Trial for Heart Failure in Patients with Preserved Systolic Function)
SPONSOR: National Institutes of Health

Primary Objective: An evaluation of Spironolactone in patients with heart failure and preserved ejection fraction (EF >45%)
Sub-Investigator-VA Medical Center, Fresno, CA
Trial Completed – All Data submitted

Co- Investigator
Emphasis: Out of Hospital Cardiac Arrest and STEMI

Title: Decision making in patients presenting with STEMI and Out of hospital Cardiac arrest
Clinical Question: In patients presenting with STEMI and out of hospital cardiac arrest, Who should and should not be brought to cath lab acutely
Design: ACC sponsored nationwide on-line survey
Status: Abstracts presented at ACC Meeting 2013, San Francisco

Nabil Shafi:
Title: Cardiac MRI for evaluation of Heart Failure with Preserved Ejection Fraction.

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