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UP CLOSE | 2019: The Year in Review


UCSF Fresno achieved a number of milestones in 2019. As the year comes to a close, here’s a look back at some of our shining moments over the past year:  

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UP CLOSE | UCSF Fresno Brings Advanced Care to Cancer Patients in the San Joaquin Valley


In September 2017, UCSF Fresno took over the Community Medical Centers Cancer Services Clinical Research Program through a collaboration agreement. In August 2018, cancer research was consolidated under one roof at the Community Cancer Institute (CCI) in Clovis, allowing for more coordination of care and for a quadrupling of enrollment to clinical trials as compared to previous years. And beginning this fall, UCSF Fresno is expanding research opportunities as part of a research consortium

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UP CLOSE | UCSF Fresno Surgery Residents Win National Competition with Precision Skills


Creating recognizable images with pen and pencil in a timed game of Pictionary can challenge the artistic abilities of even aspiring Picassos, but imagine trying to draw legible figures on a camera screen using laparoscopic tools.

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UP CLOSE | Breast Cancer Surgery Saves Lives and Hides Scars


The lump felt like a rib underneath her breast, but when the skin dimpled, Judi Preuss suspected something else. A mammogram, ultrasound and a needle biopsy showed breast cancer.

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UP CLOSE | UCSF Fresno Doctor Studies Venomics for Snakebite Treatment


Ever since he was a little boy, reptiles have fascinated UCSF Fresno emergency physician and medical toxicologist Nicklaus Brandehoff, MD.  His interest in herpetology has led to some interesting experiences, including working with venomous snakes before medical school at UC San Francisco School of Medicine.
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UP CLOSE | These Future Doctors in the Valley Will Have MDs From UCSF


This back-to-school season, six freshly white-coated UC San Francisco medical students – all from the San Joaquin Valley – are pioneering a new community-focused program. They are the first class admitted to UCSF’s San Joaquin Valley Program in Medical Education (SJV PRIME), a program designed for future physicians who are committed to providing high-quality, culturally competent and accessible medical care that addresses the Valley’s unique health needs.
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UP CLOSE | UCSF Fresno Experts Perform Surgery for Rare Parasitic Disease


The first time, the young man felt an intense pain in his belly, the sudden attack lasted for five minutes.

The next attack came as unexpectedly as the first, and disappeared as quickly.

The south San Joaquin Valley resident knew something was wrong, but examinations by doctors and blood work at the local hospital had found nothing out of the ordinary.

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UP CLOSE | Graduating UCSF Fresno physicians to care for patients and teach future doctors


More than 100 medical residents and fellows, along with three oral and maxillofacial surgery dental residents and five physician assistants completed training at UCSF Fresno this year. Many are staying in the Central Valley to care for patients, teach future physicians or continue their medical education.

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UP CLOSE | UCSF Fresno and VA Partnership Makes Life-Saving Care Available Locally for Veterans


At the VA Central California Health Care System, new endoscopic equipment and the skills of Shreyas Saligram, MD, MRCP, director of advanced endoscopy at UCSF Fresno, are making minimally invasive procedures available to veterans that were unthinkable only a few years ago.

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UP CLOSE | UCSF Fresno Surgeons Perform Thyroid Surgery with No Tell-Tale Scar


Rita Locke of Coalinga had taken thyroid medication for eight years but this past winter a nodule had grown so large that at night she had to change sleeping positions to swallow.

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