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UP CLOSE | UCSF Fresno to Open Comprehensive Sickle Cell Disease Care Clinic for Adults


One in 365 people of African ancestry in California will carry a gene trait for sickle cell disease, a group of disorders that affect red blood cells that deliver oxygen throughout the body. About one in 13 African Americans in California have sickle cell disease, which among other conditions includes sickle cell anemia — a low red blood cell count that features repeated infections and episodes of pain.

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UP CLOSE | UCSF Fresno Neurologist Points to Connection Between COVID-19, Stroke and Younger People


May is American Stroke Awareness Month and this year UCSF Fresno vascular/interventional neurologist, Amir Khan, MD, explains there is emerging evidence to indicate that COVID-19 can cause stroke in people who otherwise are of low risk. 

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UP CLOSE | COVID-19 Trials of New Drugs and Treatments Led by UCSF Faculty at UCSF Fresno


UCSF faculty at UCSF Fresno are investigating potential therapies for the novel coronavirus (COVID-19). 

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UP CLOSE | COVID-19 Resources


Learn more about the novel coronavirus respiratory illness (COVID-19). And read about how UCSF is responding to the outbreak of COVID-19, including perspectives from infectious disease experts, psychologists, and UCSF Health providers. 

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UP CLOSE | UCSF Fresno Cardiologist Brings New Implantable Heart Monitor to San Joaquin Valley


Checking blood pressure and weight daily for indications of a worsening heart condition is a way of life for patients with heart failure, but UCSF Fresno cardiologist Richard G. Kiel, MD, has introduced a new implantable monitoring system that detects subtle variations in heart function before numbers on scales and blood pressure gauges raise alarms.  

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UP CLOSE | World-Renowned UCSF Fresno OB-GYN Teams Up with Daughter to Teach and Care


Carlos Sueldo, MD, Chief of the Department of Obstetrics and Gynecology at UCSF Fresno, is world renowned for his knowledge of infertility and reproductive medicine, and when a position opened at his Clovis medical office, Carolina Sueldo, MD, took it as a double opportunity – a chance to work alongside the acclaimed obstetrician/gynecologist/reproductive specialist – and come home to practice medicine with her father.  

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UP CLOSE | 2019: The Year in Review


UCSF Fresno achieved a number of milestones in 2019. As the year comes to a close, here’s a look back at some of our shining moments over the past year:  

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UP CLOSE | UCSF Fresno Brings Advanced Care to Cancer Patients in the San Joaquin Valley


In September 2017, UCSF Fresno took over the Community Medical Centers Cancer Services Clinical Research Program through a collaboration agreement. In August 2018, cancer research was consolidated under one roof at the Community Cancer Institute (CCI) in Clovis, allowing for more coordination of care and for a quadrupling of enrollment to clinical trials as compared to previous years. And beginning this fall, UCSF Fresno is expanding research opportunities as part of a research consortium

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UP CLOSE | UCSF Fresno Surgery Residents Win National Competition with Precision Skills


Creating recognizable images with pen and pencil in a timed game of Pictionary can challenge the artistic abilities of even aspiring Picassos, but imagine trying to draw legible figures on a camera screen using laparoscopic tools.

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UP CLOSE | Breast Cancer Surgery Saves Lives and Hides Scars


The lump felt like a rib underneath her breast, but when the skin dimpled, Judi Preuss suspected something else. A mammogram, ultrasound and a needle biopsy showed breast cancer.

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