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UCSF Fresno’s multidisciplinary wellness committee, LIVE (Life, Inspiration, Vitality, Engagement), aims to empower all members of our community to achieve a more balanced approach to their wellness by providing guidance, tools and support.

Wellness and Mental Health Resources

(Updated for COVID-19)
Wellness and Mental Health Support Services, Insight, Central
Valley Suicide Prevention Hotline and SAMHSA National Help Line


Self assessments, educational presentations, Powerpoint presentations,
articles and research, and activities/events calendar

SAY Thanks to the Frontline

Send a card or picture to campus, addressed to Campus Life Services. These notes will be added to the Gratitude Board, which will greet all that enter the UCSF Fresno atrium.

Send a virtual thank you note, consisting of 1-2 sentences or a digital card to be displayed on the digital displays throughout the building.




SHOW Thanks to the Frontline

Spread some kindness while supporting a local business by placing an order for one of the following:

Donut Fantasy Mondays

  1. 1. Orders due every Friday by Noon – click here for the menu and pricing
  2. 2. Call Nick Hamby at (559) 375-1555 to place and pay for your order
  3. 3. Mention that this will be for the UCSF Fresno group order
  4. 4. Orders will be picked up on Mondays and delivered to UCSF Fresno

Doug-Out Cookie Wednesdays

  1. 1. Orders due every Tuesday by 12:00 PM
  2. 2. Call Icker at (559) 437-0931 to place and pay for your order
  3. 3. Mention that this will be for the UCSF Fresno group order
  4. 4. Orders will be picked up on Wednesdays and delivered to UCSF Fresno

Panera Bagel Fridays

  1. 1, Orders due every Thursday by 12:00 PM
  2. 2. Call Clarissa at (559) 271-0104 to place and pay for your order
  3. 3. Mention that this will be for the UCSF Fresno group order
  4. 4. Orders will be delivered to UCSF Fresno on Friday mornings

UCSF Fresno Art and Poetry Showcase

Artwork and Poetry by UCSF Fresno Faculty, Residents and Staff during the age of the COVID-19 Pandemic

Click here to view showcase


SPECIAL DISCOUNT ON GB3 Memberships for all UCSF Fresno employees and their families!

The management at UCSF Fresno has successfully negotiated a discount program with Gb3, the premier fitness provider in the Fresno-Clovis area. All members, and their families, are eligible to enroll online through the Gb3 website at www.gb3clubs.com.

Join ONLINE ONLY, using promo code ucsfgb3 on the dates listed below:

2019 Dates: Oct 4, Nov 1 and Dec 6 

2020 Dates: Jan 3, Feb 7, March 6, April 3, May 1, June 4, July 3, Aug 7 and Sept 4

Click here for more details.

Suicide Prevention 

While suicide prevention is an important topic to address year-round, the truth is, we can all benefit from honest conversations about mental health conditions and suicide, because just one conversation can save a life.

The theme for this year’s Suicide Prevention Activation Kit is Finding Purpose – Taking Care of Ourselves and Others

Having a sense of purpose in life is truly powerful; it enhances resiliency in the face of challenging circumstances and helps us keep going when things are tough.




Tall Building

What is your role?

We invite you to prioritize self-care. Sometimes, it can be difficult to prioritize one’s self over others. Taking the time to care for our whole self—body, mind, and soul—will keep us mentally well.

This includes activities and practices that we can engage in on a regular basis to reduce stress and to maintain and enhance our health and well-being. As many of us have heard, it is essential to “put on your own oxygen mask first.”

Once we have attended to our own needs, we are better equipped to take care of others. Something as simple as a few thoughtful words, or a few minutes of kindness can change the course of a person’s day.

People we encounter may be experiencing problems we know nothing about, and that random act of kindness may brighten their day.

Suicide is Preventable…Know the Signs, Find the Words, and Reach Out. Click the link and understand how you can help. https://www.suicideispreventable.org/


This past winter, the National Academy of Medicine put out a nationwide call for artists of all skills and abilities to submit artwork that expresses how clinicians, their loved ones, patients, and organizations experience and are affected by clinician burnout and well-being. Artists were asked to answer the question: What does clinician well-being look, feel, and sound like to you? Over 350 people responded. 

We are thrilled to share 100 of these pieces with you through our permanent digital gallery, which aims to promote greater awareness and understanding of barriers to clinician well-being and to highlight potential solutions to protect and promote the well-being of clinicians of all kinds, including doctors, nurses, pharmacists, dentists, and others. Click here to view the online gallery.



Clinician Well-Being and Knowledge Hub

Sharing Knowledge to Combat Clinician Burnout

Click here to find articles, research studies, and other resources