For Touro Medical Students (3rd year) applying for rotations at UCSF Fresno


Prior to Application:
Third year Touro University students pre-assigned to Fresno must follow application guidelines established by UCSF Fresno.  Please communicate directly with the FCM site scheduler regarding course information and date selection before submitting an online application.

Rotation dates follow the UCSF academic calendar.  Rotations are available in 4, 6 or 8 week timeframes; with scheduled rotations beginning on a Monday and ending on a Friday.   The FCM program has established a block schedule procedure for 3rd year Touro students.


Student Fees:
Students are required to pay application fees based on the length of rotation. The standard processing fee is $200 per 4 week rotation. Electives 6 and 8 weeks in length are $500.


Standard Touro 3rd Year Courses:

8 Week Courses:
-FCM 140.53 (MED D)
-FCM 140.53 (FM)


6 Week Courses:
-FCM 140.56
-PEDS 110



Students will be advised of pending application fees once application(s) receive approval.


Third-Year Touro Students are Eligible to Apply For:

1. FCM 140.53 Advanced Inpatient & FCM 140.56 Rural Family Medicine Centered OB/GYN
2. PEDS 110 (pediatric core rotation) if given approval by Pediatrics Site Director
3. Courses falling within the current academic year; courses falling within the next academic year must be applied for at a later date.

1. Other UCSF Fresno clerkships do not usually accept 3rd year Touro students.
2. 4th year Touro students are eligible to apply for clinical elective opportunities as long as course pre-requisites have been satisfied.  Applications for 4th year electives are processed by the UME office and must be approved by the clinical department. 

3. Course information can be found online at:

4. Information regarding visiting student requirements can be found online at:

5. Once desired rotations are identified, Touro students must apply online at the following link:

Once an application receives final approval and fees have been paid, the office of Undergraduate Medical Education will contact the student directly with information regarding housing, orientation, etc.


For more information, please contact:


Cheryl Gallo                                                     
Site Scheduler, Family & Community Medicine


Lacey Leonard

Medical Student Program Coordinator