UC Merced San Joaquin Valley PRIME




The UC Merced San Joaquin Valley PRIME initiative is a collaboration between UC Davis School of Medicine, the UC San Francisco Fresno Medical Education Program and UC Merced to train the next generation of San Joaquin Valley physicians. It is the latest addition to the University of California’s innovative Programs in Medical Education (PRIME), which seek to increase the diversity of the medical profession and remedy the uneven distribution of physicians in California.

PRIME focuses on meeting the needs of distinct regions or populations through specialized course-work, structured clinical experiences and clinical training under the supervision of experienced local practitioners. Graduates of PRIME gain the knowledge and understanding needed to effectively guide health policies and become community leaders. They will go on to become important patient advocates, technologically adept clinicians and life-long learners. Graduates also will enhance the health of their communities by increasing access to clinical care and improving quality of care.










Kenny Banh, MD, FACEP
Site Director for UC Davis
Clerkships at UCSF Fresno
(559) 449-6523
Grace Carlson, BA
Program Coordinator for UC Davis
Clerkships at UCSF Fresno
(559) 499-6527


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