Students, please review the sections on How to Apply and Requirements prior to initiating the application process.

Step 1
Contact Site Scheduler to Set Rotation Dates
Prior to initiating an application, we ask that students email the site scheduler in the appropriate department to discuss tentative rotation dates. Once the scheduler gives you available dates, you can fill out and submit your elective application at the link below.  If sponsoring department does not provide tentative dates, student may continue with Step 2 and complete the application.  BOARD SCORES AND TRANSCRIPTS ARE REQUIRED FOR ALL UCSF FRESNO INTERNAL MEDICINE AND EMERGENCY MEDICINE ELECTIVES.  Department site scheduler contact information can be found at:  http://www.fresno.ucsf.edu/undergrad/contact.htm
Step 2
Complete the On-line Electronic Application
After completing Step 1, click on the following link to fill out the Elective Application.    Completing this application will generate a non-refundable processing fee (refer to the section on How to Apply for fee requirements and cancellation policy).     
UCSF Fresno Online Elective Application
Note: Log in by using account name: student and no password

Step 3
Complete the Student Profile     
Once you have received a confirmation email about your Application, you must complete a Student Profile form using the following link:
UCSF Fresno Online Elective Application - Student Profile
Note: Log in using account name: studentprofile and no password

Step 4
To Add Additional Courses
If you are a current or returning 4th year student and would like to add more courses, use the link below.
UCSF Fresno Online Elective Application - Add Courses
Note: Log in using account name: addcourses and no password






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