Scott Reichelderfer, MD, MPH

Scott Reichelderfer, MD, MPH


Burbank, CA

Medical School

UCSF (Undergrad: Cal State Northridge)

Hobbies, facts and interests

All things music and outdoors. My SO and I bought a house with 3 bedrooms specifically so we could have a dedicated music room (she is a vocal music teacher – we met in high school showchoir) for all of our music stuff. I do most musical things at a mediocre level enough to make myself happy and my girlfriend not upset; she is the one with talent. 

 We also love hiking, camping, and most things outdoors when we have extended free time. Also fan of most nerdy things, as evidenced by all the Lego Star Wars models that decorate our house. Professionally, I’m very interested in medical student education – in another life I’d be a high school teacher.

Why Fresno?

I went to UCSF for med school so was already sold on Fresno from year 3. I could probably just copy-paste everyone else’s responses regarding the high acuity and volume matched with phenomenal clinical training and patient population. The other thing that sold me was the people. I felt like this group of residents and faculty were the most fun, approachable, and down-to-earth people I had met. It really is like a big family. Mix all that with being so close to world class national parks, affordability, zero traffic, a diverse city, and a central location that is an easy drive to most places in California and it was pretty much perfect for me!

Education & Recognition

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