Ranvir Dhillon, MD



Ranvir Dhillon, MD


Fremont, CA

Medical School

(Undergraduate: Harvard)

Hobbies, facts and interests

Hobbies: Playing basketball, blasting Drake, watching documentaries, keeping up with politics, cooking new recipes, traveling with my friends and family

 Interests: Systems-based practice, bias in medicine ​

Why Fresno?

UCSF Fresno is where I felt I could develop the most as an emergency medicine physician. The program is unique in many respects, serving as the only Level 1 trauma center for Central California and one of the busiest ED’s in the state. Residents are able to be more involved in a patient’s management compared to other programs, and pushed to be better by a supportive and smart faculty. There is also the opportunity to go beyond just being a great clinician, and advance the field forward with the flexibility we get. I feel confident about where I’ll be once I finish this residency.


Education & Recognition

Medical School:
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